Bread in our life

The Bible tells of the matzoh the Israelites ate as they fled Egypt. Because the former slaves dough had no

Bread in our life


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only much, much better. Makes a delicious ham with mustard sandwich. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, malt syrup, pretzel salt, kosher salt, yeast.


Honey Wheat - This dense and healthful dark bread contains nine grains and is a natural for morning toast. Even for those not on a high fiber diet. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, whole wheat flour, cracked wheat, sesame, sunflower seeds, wheat berries, flax, cracked rye, cracked oats, cornmeal, millet, triticale, malt syrup, honey, kosher salt, yeast.


Rustic Rye - Similar to a corn rye, this medium rye has an unusually mild flavor. When was the last time you made a great Rueben? Available plain or rolled in caraway. Unbleached white and dark rye flours, water, white and rye sourdough starters, rye chops, molasses, kosher salt, yeast.


Garlic Thyme - Studded with roasted garlic and fresh thyme, this rich bread is rounded out with a mild sour flavor. But watch out, it will fill you up. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, olive oil, garlic, wheat germ, thyme, kosher salt.


Walnut - A very special bread; walnut halves stain this dough almost purple in its long fermentation. Our most sour bread-have it as an appetizer with fresh goat cheese and cracked pepper. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, whole wheat flour, walnuts, sugar, milk, malt syrup, kosher salt, yeast.


Chocolate Cherry - Dried sour cherries and Valhrona chocolate combine to make this singularly unique bread. Have breakfast all day with this one. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, semisweet chocolate, butter, sugar, sour cherries, cocoa powder, kosher salt, yeast.


Fig Anise - The origin of this unusual combination dates back to the Roman Empire. Black Mission figs complement whole anise seeds in this delicious bread. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, cornmeal, figs, sugar, kosher salt, yeast, anise.


Poblano Cheese - Colorful and zesty, this bread is not for the faint-hearted. Great as hors d'oeuvres. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, cornmeal, jack cheese, red bell and poblano peppers, wheat germ, dry milk, kosher salt, yeast.


White Sandwich - More than a respectable sandwich bread, our version is rich and buttery. Unbleached flour, water, butter, sugar, dry milk, kosher salt, yeast.


White Rye - Dense and studded with caraway, this is a perfect deli sandwich loaf. Also available: onion rye. Unbleached flour, water, sourdough starter, white rye flour, caraway, kosher salt, yeast.


Challah - Our shiny, braided egg bread is not only a great accompaniment at any meal, but beautifully decorates the table. Unbleached flour, water, eggs, semolina and durum flours, canola oil, butter, sugar, kosher salt, yeast.


Pumpernickel - A great all-around black sandwich bread made crunchy with the addition of rye chops. Unbleached flour, water, medium rye flour, white and rye sourdough starter, rye chops, molasses, kosher salt, yeast.


Apple Walnut Dark - crusted and wearing the flour markings of dough risen in a basket, this hearth-baked specialty bread celebrates the fall harvest of these two fruits. Walnuts, unbleached flour, water, whole wheat flour, apples, sugar, barley malt, salt, yeast.


Chocolate Babka - An extremely decadent version of the classic Polish sweet bread. Unbleached flour, water, sugar, butter, dry milk, salt, yeast, semi-sweet chocolate, brown sugar, cocoa, sour cream, raisins, candied orange zest.


Cranberry Orange - A delicious breakfast bread, stuffed with pecans and dried fruits. Unbleached flour, water, whole wheat flour, dried cranberries, golden raisins, orange zest, pecans, olive oil, salt, yeast, Belgian sugar.


Lemon Rye - Only 7% rye, the big rye flavor is the result of a 24-hour fermentation. The combination of the two sours -- lemon and rye -- makes perfect bread for a ham sandwich. Water, unbleached flour, dark rye flour, wheat germ, natural lemon emulsion, lemon zest, salt, yeast.


Panettone - This buttery, Italian bread was invented in 1927 for Christmas time and is baked in the shape of a cathedral dome. Ours is made with wine-soaked apricots and raisins. Unbleached flour, whole eggs, butter, water, sugar, dried apricot, raisins, wine, dry milk, corn syrup, salt, vanilla, lemon juice, orange juice, ascorbic acid, yeast.


Wheat loaf - Made from about 50% whole wheat flour, we have added cracked wheat, whole wheat berries and bran flakes to make this one the stuff of good diets. Water, unbleached flour, whole wheat flour, whole milk, honey, barley malt, unprocessed bran flakes, cracked wheat, wheat berries, butter, poppy seeds, salt, yeast.


Roasted Tomato Ciabatta - Tomatoes are marbled throughout this light and airy loaf and although it tastes fattening, you will be surprised that the only fats are less than one ounce of Asiago and olive oil per loaf. Water, unbleached flour, durum flour, roasted tomatoes, barley malt, Asiago cheese, olive oil, salt, yeast.


Flatbreads - Thin hand finished rounds baked to form a crisp crust.


Tomato Flatbread - brushed with olive oil and garnished with fresh basil.

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