Топик по иностранному языку /english/

QUESTIONS Is your family large? Have you a lot of relatives? What are your parents? Have you brothers, sisters? What do

Топик по иностранному языку /english/



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British and American Families


British and American families are small. In fact the populations of both Britain and the USA have stopped growing. The typical family has a father, mother and two children. Grandparents come to visit, but do not usually live with their children.

Most people get married between the ages of 20 and 23 but many marriages end in divorce. This means that both countries have a large number of "single parent families", one father or mother looking after their children alone.

The typical British family has a car, a colour TV set, a washing machine, and a cat or dog as well. They start the day at about 7 o'clock, have breakfast at 8. and are off to work by 8.30 . More and more women now go out to work as well as men. The children have lunch at school at about 12.30, and come home at 4 in the afternoon. Their parents are usually home by 6 o'clock, and the family eats together at 6.30 or 7. In the evenings, father may go to the pub for a drink, or stay at home and watch TV with the others. Children go to bed early, at about 8 o'clock, two or three hours before their parents.

The typical American family has more money than a British family. Many have two or three cars, large modern kitchens and more electrical goods. They eat more meat and spend more on clothes. But their daily programme is nearly the same. Like British children, American children eat lunch at school, come home mid-afternoon, and go to bed earlier than their parents.


  1. Is your family large?
  2. Have you a lot of relatives?
  3. What are your parents?
  4. Have you brothers, sisters?
  5. What do they do?
  6. How old are they?
  7. Have you grandparents?
  8. Do they live with you?
  9. Do you often visit your grandparents?
  10. Do you help your mother to take care of your brothers, sisters?
  11. Is your family friendly?
  12. Do you spend free time together?
  13. Do you travel together?
  14. Do members of your family go in for sport?
  15. Have you cousins?
  16. How often do you visit your relatives?
  17. Would you like to have a large family?
  18. Have you pets?
  19. Who takes care of them in your family?
  20. What holiday is a favourite one in your family?


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