Билеты по английскому за 11 класс

Meals play an important role in human life. Because it contained indispensable ingredients for life activity of our organism. Such

Билеты по английскому за 11 класс



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1. Travelling by air .Give your counter reasons in fever of flying.


Many people devote ( посвящают ) their lives travelling . They can spend a lot of time for the road .And they can travel by car, by sea, by train , and by air. Also travelling by air usually preferred by people who havent got much time and they must quickly get to another city, country or continent. Nowadays there are a lot of businessmen who have to communicate with people from other countries. Each of us has a lot of relatives and friends. Some of them live in other countries. For example you live in Russia, Moscow and you have some relatives in France or in Britain. You certainly can get to GB by train , and by sea but it will take you a lot of time. It would be easier if you choose a plane.

There are some rules in air port which every passengers mast following At first it is necessary to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure time. They must register their tickets, weigh in and register the luggage. Most airports have at least 2 classes of travel, first class and economy class, which is cheaper. Each passenger of more than 2 years of age has free luggage allowance. Generally this limit is 20 kg for economy class passengers and 30 kg for first class passengers, excess luggage must be paid for except for some articles that can be carried free of charge. At first you go through the Customs, there you mast fill in the customs declaration before you talk to the customs officer. He may ask any passenger routine questions about declare the things, spirits , tobacco , presents. Then you do to the check - in counter where your ticket is looked at, you are given luggage tags and boarding passes, your . The next formality is filling in the immigration form and going through passport control. The form has to be filled in block letters . You write your name, nationality, permanent address and the purpose of your trip. After fulfilling all these formalities you go to the departure lounge where you can have a snack , read a paper buy something in the duty-free shop and wait for the announcement to board the plane.

When you decide to travel by air you can buy first and economy class tickets. The first class is more comfortable than economy and it is always more expensive .In spite of first class tickets being very expensive have some advantages over economy. At first it is more comfortable seats. The dinner is much better then in economy class , and if you have bought a first class ticket you can have 30 kg luggage free of charge. Also you have a private emergency exit for the first class passages only. You have one more advantage : you can take any drinks free. Although flying by plane is very fast it has some inconveniences. There is a jet-lag, a difference between the time you are accustomed to and the new time. At first you wont be very well because of it , but dont worry it wont take you long to get used to it. As a whole to fly by planes is pleasant and convenient




2. British Painters


It is sometimes possible to see the national character in painters or groups of painters. But the visual language of art travels quickly and easily, and artists are influenced by things they see all over the world. Painters themselves also travel and visited over countries. The first important period of English Painting was started by German visitor Hans Holbein the Younger lived in London between 1527 and 1543, and painted wonderful portraits of the rich and famous people. He had learned from Italian painters. Inspired by Holbein, a school of portrait painters developed in England. One of the most famous of these painters was Nicholas Hilliard, who specialized in miniatures: very small, beautifully colored paintings.

Another great portrait painter, Joshua Reynolds (1723-92), who too learning in Italy. The quality of Reynolds paint is differs from his predecessors(предшественники) : William Hogarth and Thomas Gainsborough, he represented(представлен) the expression on the face and the insights(понимание) into the character.

Although there have been brilliant British painters, few of them have achieved an international reputation. However, there is at least one notable(известный) exception -J.M.W. Turner (1775-185l). His paintings were years ahead of their time. He was working in the first half of the 19th century, but his work seems to look forward to the impressionism of 75 years later.

In fact the genius of Turner was not really appreciated (оцененный) in his own time. Only not long time ago he come to be regarded (быть расценен ) as the greatest of Br. painters. Much of Turners works is at the Tate Gallery in London , which is also the best place in the country to see modern art. The 20th century was an extremely busy and exciting time for Br. painters. At first the tendency was , as often in past , to imitate the Europeans painters. The French impressionists had taken the art world like a storm and finagle painters try to copy them. The Picasso and Bragne come up with something completely new cubism and again Br. painters followed .

Only in the middle of the 20th century a new movement had started actually in this country. Pop art painters caught the imagination of young people. This movement dropped almost all previous (предыдущий) ideas about painting, and picked-up the images of advertising . Рop music and cheap everyday objects. The first artist who do it were Richard Hamilton , Edward Paolozzi and Peter Black(who did the famous cover of the Beatles album “Sergeant Pepper”)

Nowadays the Br. artists , seem to have given up the traditional forms of drawing, paining and sculpture. If you go to an art collage exhibition , you will probably see photos, constructions with lights and sounds. Media attention is always on the new ,and the daring and shocking works are often Are awarded by prizes for its originality. And old-fashion taste and skill stayed in past.



3. Staying at the hotel. Speak about everyday services available at the hotel.


When you come to another country or city you can stay at your friends house or flat. But if you havent got any relatives or friends you may stay at a hotel. There are 2 sorts of hotels: at the seaside and in city The hotels at the seaside usually occupied big territory . And the services and facilities are usually better there then in city hotels. You can get more things free. Also at the seaside hotels food is served usually 2 of 3 times a day and in city hotels you can get only breakfast . Before you arrive somewhere you can make arrangements about a room of the hotel youll choose. You can call at the hotel of send them a fax or telegram which numbers you can find in the advertisement. If you havent done it , when you arrive at the hotel it is necessary to come up to the reception desk .There a person can order a room. First of all you must fill in an arrival card. In this card you must gave information about yourself. Your name and surname, telephone number and address besides it is necessary to point out how long are you going to stay here. Also among the seaside hotels the best with club system . Usually on the territory of such hotels there are 4-5 storied building with single rooms, double rooms, and suites and separate there are family cottages. The area of such hotels is usually very big about 50hectores . Club system allows to take free any , soft drinks, food 24 hours a day, because everything is included into the price of the tour. There are all day room services , dry cleaners, laundries. In the rooms there is a refrigerator, bathroom, a satellite TV and direct dial phone. Also such hotels have their own place on the beach with comfortable sun beds .You can spend time riding horses, playing tennis, golf, polo, visiting shops, which are usually situated in the territory of the hotels. In the evenings you can go to the disco or to the restaurant . The menu in the restaurants including different cuisines such as :French, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and so on. You can order a yacht tour to some historical places (if any) or something like that. After visiting such hotels youll return home happy and refreshed.














5. Pop and classical Music.

Music always been an integral part of human life. In ancient times it accompanied the ritual ceremonies later it began to occupy more important place. Then it transformed in a means of passing time. It reached the highest development only in 20-th century . new directions appeared in music such as jazz, disco, rock-and-roll , rock, pop and so on. The music which was composed from 17 till 20-th century is usually calls classical. That were a sumphonies, ouvertures, suits, sonnats. The most famous classical musicious were: Bach, Bethoven, Gaiden, Shopen, Rohmaninov and many others. In 20-th century it was not so popular any more, her the place was occupied by other genres, such as fate, рор, jazz, and last years became very popular folk songs.

As for me i neither like classical nor pop music. If we are compare them Ill prefer the classical As the songs consists not only of music, not an unimportant role plays lyrics. In pop music there isnt both these making elements.

There are a lot of people who enjoyed by classical music, they usually visit concerts of different symphonic and chamber archers. It is often people over 30. They like and admire this music and consider it genius. Some compositions ( works) is

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