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Название: Бизнес-план на английском языке


Масуренков Владислав

Домашняя Лаборатория Компьютерных Исследований

E-mail: delki@chat.ruПримечание: Написан мной и еще парой человек по курсу "Написание бизнае-плана". Правда 80% сделал я.


Rostov State University










Business plan


consultation of computer and software







Made by:

Massourenkov Vladislav

Machno Olga

Tovstolutskaia Larisa


















1. Mission Statement32. Industry Analys43. Marketing Plan54. Expenses65. Break-Even Analysis96. Cash Flow Projektion107. Organisation Plan11


Mission Statement



Our consumers are all firms and organizations, which use computers, everyone, who needs office software and also home computer users. Our partners: Firms, which create the software for at home and office, distributors of the firms-manufacturers of inventory materials and internet Providers. Service of our firm: recomendation for purchase of computer, protection and rescue computer viruses, teaching to computer's using, selling and installing programs, consultation about the computer's modernisation. The activity of firm will be distributed in Rostov region.

Main idea of our Firm: "We'll make computer easy for you". We'll help people to find themselves in the computer and software world. The basic technology: the individual work with each customer. Image of the company: with the help of advertising we consider to create image of the solid company, working with firms and the private persons.


Industry Analysis


Computer sales grew by 14 % over 1996. The selling of the programs has increased in 1997 by 15.3 %. The receipts of realization of the programs have grown on 13-17 %. In Russia the growth of sale of the company "Vist" in 1996 has left 23 % in comparison with 1996.

About 40-60 % of new firms have appeared in our industry in the last three years. The main three competitors have appeared for the last 2-5 years.

The main competitors are "Informatika", "Computer-engineering" and "Gendalf".

Recently have been introducted internet-services and many new programs.

Our business is better than business of our competitors because: we give our buyer two completely new services, which should result that from us in our customers buying other kinds of services, which our competitors render. For reason of rendering of initial service (advice at a choice of the computer) the buyer not only will trust our firm, but also will depend on it.

The greatest force has our main competitor "Informatika". It for a long time was in the market and has additional advantages by sale of our services, since is also seller of computer engineering. The buyers frequently buy the programs simultaneously with purchase of the computer. The other main competitors have only one advantage, that they have been in the market for a long time and have usual reputation.



Marketing Plan


The characteristic of our basic buyers:

  • Home computer users. Financial condition above the average. Style of life: employed by work. Education is not technical. An educational level rather high, most likely a university, college or institute degree. Reason of purchasing: purpose to purchase the computer at absence of the information about its required properties or problem with the already bought computer.
  • Organisations. Average or large enterprise. Reason of purchasing: purpose topurchase some computers and software.
  • At our competitors main goods is not sale of such services, which we are going render. The basic customer of our competitors are firms, using in the work the specialized programs. The basic advantage of our competitors that they for a long time have left on the market. Also our competitors sell computers and many different programs. Advertising our competitors not designed for the initial customer. The advertising is distributed in the specialized newspapers and magazines about existence of which the beginner in the computer world (newspapers " That, Where, How mach. Computers and Office' technique." and "Server").

    Positioning our competitors:

    Our Customers are the people or organizations, which are going for the first time to get the computer or have got it recently.

    At us services will buy because of many number of advertising in those journals, TV and radio programs , which are designed first of all for the inexperienced buyer. Our advertising will designed for a wide audience and will plase in the popular local editions, radio and outdoor advertising. Our publicity: free-of-charge consultation on the phone, participation in exhibitions, edition of the inexpensive brochures with the basic information on computers, their device and basic programs.





    Fixed Costs:

    Rent and utilities: 5000p/month

    Salaries: 11000/mo

    Printing/Promotion/Advertising: 5000 (1-st six month 10000)

    Office Supplies: 270/mo

    Legal and License: 5000/year (year=December)

    Main computer and software amortisation: 1100/mo


    Variable costs

    Product costs= labour cost per job + man'license

    Specialists wages: 20/hour

    License: 210/man

    Each of man can worked: 175hour/mo

    Product costs: 22/unit

    Selling Prise = 50/hour


    Main Investment From Owner = 200000p

    Initial Iinvestment at office' equipment = 55000p from main investment









    Forms of costsNumberCost of numberTotal costsApartamentRent150005000Total:5000 EquipmentComputer table47152860Office table215003000Working chair66003600Customer chair83002400Divan115001500Xerox123002300Cash desk120002000Journal table1420420Air-conditioner130003000Phone2250500Bookcase1650650Safe150005000Lavatory150005000Other software11000010000Main computer11200012000Working computer4600024000Standart software4500020000Total:98230 PersonelPresident150005000Vice President135003500Sekretary130003000Total:11500


    Break-Even AnalysisFixed costs:23000Break-Even:32000SalesVCFCTCSales/pBreak-Even0023000230000320001503300230002630075003200020044002300027400100003200025055002300028500125003200030066002300029600150003200035077002300030700175003200045099002300032900225003200055012100230003510027500320006501430023000373003250032000750165002300039500375003200085018700230004170042500320008701914023000421404350032000

    Cash Flow ProjectionJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Comulative0150200250300350450550650750850870 Begining Cash2000001027301323001116309236074490470202735021480184101814020670 IncomeProduct Sales0750010000125001500017500225002750032500375004250043500 Equipment6600011000000110001100000000ExpensesRent and utilities500050005000500050005000500050005000500050005000Office salaries110001100011000110001100011000110001100011000110001100011000Print/Prom/Advertising100001000010000100001000010000500050005000500050005000Office supplies270270270270270270270270270270270270License500000000000005000Product costs03300440055006600770099001210014300165001870019140 Total Cash out312702957030670317703287033970311703337035570377703997045410Mountly in/out-flow-97270-33070-20670-19270-17870-27470-19670-5870-3070-2702530-1910 End Cash102730132300111630923607449047020273502148018410181402067018760Organisation Plan

    Our firm forms as the small enterprise, in which 6 persons work: the president, vice-president, secretary, three experts.

    The organisation structure of our Firm:


    The president - Massourenkov Vladislav. He has higher economic education RSU on a speciality marketing and managment. At the enterprise will wotking with the basic organizational questions, advertising, marketing.

    The vice-president - Tovstolutckaia Larisa. Has higher economic education and correspondens diploma of applied mathematics. At the enterprise will messages accounting, to replace the president during his absence. Also will be the expert in the accounting programs.

    The secretary. Has higher education . Knows English language and owns work on the computer. Will working with the time-table of work, writing of the checks, to work on the telephone, conduct under the diagrams of work of the experts.

    The experts are the workers with higher education on a speciality the applie