Autobiography studying

autobiography is a work about the life of a person, written by that person. Derived from three Greek words meaning

Autobiography studying


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s paper, being dedicated to the examination of the linguistic and extra-linguistic features of autobiographical genre is summed up, with the following points: the word autobiography was first used deprecatingly by William Taylor <> in 1797 in the English <> periodical <> the Monthly Review <>, when he suggested the word as a hybrid but condemned it as 'pedantic'; but its next recorded use was in its present sense by Robert Southey <> in 1809. In this paper we have showed that autobiography is a form of introspection. Of a great importance was the fact that the text is not free from emotions. With the help of extra-linguistic means characters intentions are revealed: thoughts and emotions is another way that the narrator evaluates why events occurred as they did. By explaining what happened in the past, the author is able to express to the reader how the self evolved. This relating is then evaluated socially according to whether actions are appropriate or inappropriate or surprising or normal. Other interactions that the narrator establishes are relationships with other characters in the story.

Central to this paper was the point, that the term autobiography is quite generic in nature and several great personalities have written 'great books' as a collection of their personal experiences. Some people have also written their autobiography to serve some purpose, such as political propaganda or to narrate an account of some incident or event. The good thing about an autobiography is that we get to know about the writer's emotions and thoughts quite easily. The investigation shows that in autobiography a lot of linguistic and especially extra-linguistic features are used with the help of which the reader gets to know the authors emotions, personal opinion, authors nationality, and many other details used in the text. It should also be mentioned that the linguistic features refer to the surrounding features of the language inside the text, like sounds, words, phrases which are relevant to the interpretation of other such linguistic elements. The settings of the narrative, the process of sharing information, feelings, themes, situations, the attitude of the writer, his/her personal opinion are all described as extra-linguistic features used in autobiographical narrative. to the paper, Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography is one of the best examples of the autobiographical genre. All above said was analyzed and proved in B. Franklins autobiography, whose book is helping to set the standard of what an autobiography is, can, or should be, rather than subverting that standard.




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