American System of Education

To serve their citizens and help the country prosper all countries in the world without exception provide public education to

American System of Education


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saying that there is no system of education which can be called perfect. The National Commission on Excellence in Education which worked in the USA at the end of the previous century asserted: “The education foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity”. The commissions recommendations for improving student achievement included the following points:

  1. Strong academic curricula, with a back-to-basic emphasis on reading, writing, math and science;
  2. Stricter standards for students, including a heavier homework load and higher grading standards;
  3. Higher salaries to attract and keep talented, well-qualified teachers.

Doesnt it prove that in spite of all differences education all over the Globe faces similar problems and to solve them joined efforts of all those who make up the system are required.


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