Семантика английского глагола в произведении Агаты Кристи "Десять негритят"

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1. Пожалуйста введите слова с картинки:

2. И нажмите на эту кнопку.

to blame

винить + + +Приложение 2


Примеры использования глаголов в произведении Агаты Кристи Десять негритят

1.to cause

e. g. That you did upon the 14th day of March, cause the death of Louisa Mary Clees.

2.to demand

e. g. Only Emily Brent demanded and obtained a glass of water.

3.to inspire

e. g. His look inspired hope and belief.

4.to mellow

e.g. The excellent talk mellowed Mr. Justice Wargrave.

5.to pay

e.g. The salary is paid thoroughly.

6.to part

e.g. And so they parted.

7.to whisper

e.g. Mr. Merryweather had it whisper to him, that Mr. Health wasnt honest at the moment.

8.to expect

e.g. I shall expect you to take up your duties on August 8th.

9.to drag

e.g. The sea that dragged you down to its depth.

10.to block

e.g. There is always something blocking your way.

11.to nose out

e.g. Badger was rather good at nosing things like that out.

12.to acquit of

e.g. I was acquitted of all blame.

13.to sweep

e.g. She had felt the current sweeping her out to sea.

14.to take

e.g. She had felt the current taking her.

15.to worry

e.g. a husband who was worried about his wifes health.

16. to leave behind

e.g. Im leaving my ordinary life behind me.