Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

  Lets discuss the problem of the courts in the USA. I know the courts are the overseers of the law.

Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

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vironment protection!
  • I dont think so. But you are the sort of ordinary person wants to help all of us.
  • Today this problem must be in the first place. We are in search such measures which can really help to protect environment.
  • I also dont shift my ground in this question.
  • The more people understand the necessity of environment protection the better results we can have.
  • You quite right in your decision.

    Environmental protection problem (2)


    1. About two hundred tears ago man lived in far way with nature, because, industry was not much developed.
    2. Anyway today the contradiction between man and nature are dramatic. What can you say about the ecological problems?
    3. Every year world industry throws out into atmosphere about 1000 million tons of dust and other harmful substances. Forests are disappearing; the pollution of the air, ocean, seas, and rivers could lead our planet to a global catastrophe.
    4. What should we do?
    5. The Earth is our home that is why we must take care of it, for ourselves and for the next generations. We must have all people keeping our environment clean.
    6. How was it that Lake Baikal and its shores have been declared a specially protected zone of the country?
    7. More than twenty years ago a pulp and paper factory was built on the shore of lake of the water pollution; more then 50 per cent of the worlds purest water have been rained.
    8. What shouldnt we do?
    9. We shouldnt use cars a lot throw litter into the streets, cut trees, plants, trees and pick flowers. This was the most I can say.
    10. Thank you very much I learned much from or your interesting interview.
    11. I have nothing but gratitude for you because you affected very global problems in Kazakhstan.


    Problems and prospects of higher education in Kazakhstan


    1. I learned much from newspapers restricted though they were anyway the first problem is group for gifted children. The second problem of higher education is payment for instruction.
    2. What do you think about education programme?
    3. I have nothing but pity the students. Because our programme is not effective maintenance of educational programmes.
    4. I suppose they were meant by teachers with law qualification. This was the most I can say.
    5. Ill say this for you. You were very well.
    6. Thank you. I busy or not. I always find time for our education.

    Increase in divorce a global problem (2)


    1. Good afternoon! How are you?
    2. Hello. I am fine and you?
    3. Today I learned much from that news about increase in divorce restricted though they were. I think it is a good problem.
    4. I agree with you. I can not understand how it was that young family divorce after one month their joint life?
    5. I have nothing but pity for these couples. I suppose there are the essential causes of divorce.
    6. You are quite right! Little did they guess what they had many problem after marriage.
    7. What do you think about kind of causes of divorce?
    8. Anyway I know two causes. The first is a character when the wife hasnt her husband help her with kid or homework. When husband is thinking there is something in the way be drying the floor.
    9. I sure you are right. I want to tell you that second cause is a money and absence of job. Because I suppose if than marriage he must provide his family. And the young coups must that they meant for understand each other.


    Customs and holidays in English speaking countries.


    1. Customs and holidays in the urban community are of great importance for everyone.
    2. I think no matter who the man might be he must know customs and holidays his country. What holidays do you know?
    3. Anyway, I think such holidays as: the day of the town. Independence Day professional holiday are celebrated in many families.
    4. Well, I see but how can they be celebrated?
    5. First of all, music concerts creative parties, fireworks are done on such holidays.
    6. If we speak about family customs, we may pay attention to celebrations round the family table. When people may visit their relatives or friends.
    7. Ill say this for families who have their own customs i.e. commemorative dates: when the families try to get together.
    8. Wherever you lived you must know customs and holidays of your town and your family.
    9. Yes, if you remember the holidays future life may exist.
    10. Now that we talk about this theme I can say there are some wonderful holidays created and celebrated by people.
    11. I think they were meant for happiness.


    The stricter the punishment, the lesser the crime rate, or is it?


    1. Its a tough decision to make, isnt it? Dont you think that its an awful responsibility to have the future of that lad in our hands? I feel so sorry for him, hes not yet 21.
    2. Come off it! You cant be serious! He didnt just take the money, he also beat up own child. Hes guilty it is written all over his face. Its our social duty to care of car children.
    3. I agree with your last statement but surely you admit the evidence for convicting this young man is rather flimsy? Wouldnt you say that we need something more definite?
    4. Anyway, thats quite true, but there werent any other witnesses. As I see it he had the motive, he has no alibi and his child recognized him.
    5. Hang on a minute. Id like to point out that he only thought he recognized him. Isnt it just possible that a scared little boy of 5 could have been mistaken?
    6. Fair enough, but its all we have to go on. All the fingers seem to point at him.
    7. That may be, but strong suspicion isnt enough to put someone in person. If you ask me, even if he is guilty, the shock of arrest and coming to trial will be enough to stop him making the same mistake again.
    8. I see what you mean, I think the stricter the punishment the lesser the crime rate I suppose no matter who the man might be he must love his children but them.
    9. I was just going to pass verdict when suddenly I decided not to. I decided to punish him with help to fine.
    10. You are right. The stricter the punishment is the lesser the crime rate rather than simple punishment.


    The problem of family happiness


    1. Hello my friend. How are you?
    2. Thank, you Im fine and you.
    3. Thats all right. I heard you going to marry.
    4. Yes. Therefore I want to ask you about ups and of a family life.
    5. There is something admiring. You understand that you were meant for each other. But after marriage you couldnt possibly understand what do you must do that your family life will happiness.
    6. New that you are married. Tell me please about problem of family life. Well, I suppose that the first problem is homework, because I work every day.
    7. What about your wife?
    8. Probably she hasnt a job.
    9. No, she has a job.
    10. Why do you help her?
    11. I think no matter that you work you must help her.
    12. I suppose the homework that was evidently meant to wives.
    13. OK, what kind of problem do you know yet?
    14. Money. Now that increase costs our stinks increase too. I want to tell you about ups of a family life it is had careers and job; birth of baby to earn enough to live on.
    15. Thank you. I learned much from you.


    The profession of a teacher


    1. Dear daughter lets discuss choice of profession for you. What kind of profession do you like?
    2. Mamma Id like the profession of a teacher.
    3. Im very glad that you have just chosen this profession.
    4. No mamma I can tell you I want to become a teacher.
    5. How was it that you had never spoken about it with me anyway?
    6. I knew that youll ask me about my profession. I think I am meant for children I love them very much and I want to teach them.
    7. My dear daughter I have nothing but admiration for you for your words. I am proud of you.
    8. Thank you mamma Id say this to my teachers they were kind souls.
    9. I know whether your teachers were busy or not they always find time for us.
    10. You are right, but I thank to you because you supported me without you I couldnt possibly take my decision.




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