Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

  Lets discuss the problem of the courts in the USA. I know the courts are the overseers of the law.

Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

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rmchair and to read in silence, looking at the table lamp light.
  • So do I. In flesh the books help us much. We are together during the whole life. Oh pardon me, my time is up. I am in a hurry. Our conversation was interesting for both.
  • Well see you. If you find any ancient copy of the book, phone me, Ill be very pleased to come by it.

    Man and music


    1. Many factors influence on the personalitys development and one of them is music. To bring a conclusion I must say that music and our life cant exist separately.
    2. There is something special in the way you speak.
    3. On the contrary. It is not special. Really music is with us constantly. It may be serious, funny, sad, joy, it can control our feelings our mood, it can maintain us, it can cause sorrow, enjoyment etc.
    4. Well, to my satisfaction Im glad to listen to your words. Because before our conversation I almost ignored music. Interesting or not I was indifferent to music. But now I change my mind and I am sure that I can set my mind on music.
    5. I think to achieve it you need to have many music literatures, records at hand.
    6. I shall try my hand to do it.
    7. This will be the most I can expect of you.
    8. Nice of you to say that Ill try to do my best.
    9. You are so persistent. You suffer no embarrassment.
    10. Sure. Ill eat out of my hand. Then good luck to you.
    11. Seriously speaking I thing Ill try to understand the importance of music on the mans life.


    Customs and holidays in English speaking countries


    1. I heard there are some interesting customs and holidays in Great Britain. I would like you to remind me of some of them.
    2. Why not tell you about Christmas. Its a wonderful holiday; I can tell you First of all, when is it celebrated? What is it taken up with?
    3. It is regularly celebrated on the 25th of December and it is taken up with the New Year coming.
    4. I guess it is not an ordinary holiday.
    5. Yes, you are quite right. Every Englishman is fussy about Christmas.
    6. You want to say that people lose their heads waiting for Christmas.
    7. Thats it. Every family has a Christmas tree, prepares famous turkey and looks forward Boxing Day, it is on December 26. When everybody receives Christmas presents. Except this holiday there are some others in English speaking countries: Bonfire Night, May Day, Thanksgiving Day (in America) Independence Day etc. but as far as I am concerned Kazakhstan has also many customs and holidays? Can you tell me something?
    8. With pleasure. There are many of valued holidays in my country. One of them is certainly Nauriz.
    9. When did It come into existence?
    10. You see, it is a very ancient holiday. But up to date we didnt know much about it. But when our country received independence. Nauriz became one of the most well known and favourite holidays in our Republic.
    11. When it is celebrated and what does it mean.
    12. It is celebrated on March, 22 and means the spring coming.
    13. I am inclined to think, that there are some special preparations for it?
    14. You are quite right. The families get together, cook tasty national dishes, and organize different sport and music competions.
    15. What are the others customs and holidays. Are any of them?
    16. No doubt! They are: Independence Day, The Day of Republic, interesting wedding customs, and others.
    17. Well, I see, our countries have many interesting events and to my mind. It is useful to exchange them.

    The generation gap: myth or reality? (1)


    1. Interviewer: The question is whether there is the generation gap.
    2. Psychologist: I think the generation gap isnt myth its reality.
    3. I must say I can see no reason to oppose. To my mind this gap has been forever.
    4. But from the point of view of psychology the gap concerns the psychological changes in the society. The society itself changes greatly and the peoples characters are changed too.
    5. The values constantly change what fit in the past that does not fit in the present as a matter of fact.
    6. As a matter of fact parents in comparison with children understand all the events in their way, but the children understand these events in their way.
    7. Nevertheless the parents are always elated by their children in spite of all their larks.
    8. You are right quite. It is determined psychologically. Real parents always sympathize with their children.
    9. All I am trying to say that there is a real generation gap. It will be in all the times.
    10. You have my whole support, but there is only one hope for it. Both sides will patient and try to do their best to understand and help each other.


    The generation gap: myth or reality? (2)


    Interviewer: Good afternoon! I want to ask you several questions about the generation gap: myth or reality?

    A psychologist: Good afternoon, I suppose the generation gap is reality.

    Interviewer: Why do you think?

    A psychologist: Because we have the difficult child is the child who is unhappy consequence. He is at war with the world and his parents.

    Interviewer: What are the usual arguments put forward against giving more freedom to the child?

    A psychologist: The usual argument against freedom for children is this: life is hard, and parents must train the children so that they will fit into life later on.

    Parents must therefore discipline them.

    Interviewer: Why is it wrong to pressure a child into obedience?

    A psychologist: Fear can be a terrible thing in a childs life. Only hate can flourish in the atmosphere of fear.

    Interviewer: How should the new generation be brought up?

    A psychologist: It seems to me its clear that we should bring up the next generation with a greater respect for law and for other peoples rights.


    Problems and prospects of higher education in Kazakhstan.


    1. Id like to go behind the education in Kazakhstan.
    2. First of all I want to mention, that the expenses for education are not reduced they constantly continue to increase.
    3. You drop a hint that the level of high education because better.
    4. I dont hint, I say trustingly. I think computerization produced a great effect on education.
    5. You mean education because more efficient!
    6. Well, I think that higher education in Kazakhstan is no worse than abroad.
    7. Really. From year to year the level of education comes along!
    8. Of course the information technology takes are important part in education. But the thing is that valued teaches are also necessary.
    9. I dont object to this point of view. But we cant notice the problems in education.
    10. May be you are right. I know that there are several problems.
    11. Can you name some of them?
    12. The thing is that there are many small institutions of one direction. And then the leavers cant find job.
    13. I also think the system of controlling students knowledge should be remade.
    14. Here I support you completely. The students must have strong knowledge in order to be competitive with the students all over the world.


    Increase in divorce a global problem (1)


    1. The problem of divorce is serious, believe me:
    2. To my satisfaction. I am not going to divorce. But many of my friends are involved in this problem.
    3. How do you think what are the reasons of divorces?
    4. As far as I can judge when people stop living without love their marriage has no future.
    5. When on one hand the spouses try to live together because of their children or on the other hand they are afraid of divorce their marriage has no future either.
    6. But I want to point out, why there is no more love or regard?
    7. Yes, this question serves great attention. I think both wife and husband mustnt wash their hands of different family problems. It is the way of avoiding the quarrels.
    8. And I want to remind you a proverb “Men make houses, women make homes“. If this proverb really acts, there are fewer causes for divorce.


    Environmental protection problem (1)


    1. What is your point of view of environmental protection problem?
    2. Unfortunately, but today there is no clean place left.
    3. Yes, the more we build now factories, and try not to look after nature the more polluted places we have.
    4. I have no reason to oppose. Many trees are cut down now. Our towns are full of litter.
    5. And air leaves much to be desired.
    6. You must be on the safe side, when you swim in the river, or in the sea, because bottom and the water itself may be polluted.
    7. Environmental problem is of great importance for our health.
    8. Do you mean virus infection? They may be dangerous for all living livings.
    9. I dream that coast will be clear and we live in healthy environment.
    10. As far I am concerned our authorities dont ignore this problem. They try to solve this problem.
    11. How is it done!
    12. First of all. New trees are grown, i.e. the forests are restored.
    13. And the factories put their wastes into environment less and.
    14. Glad to hear it.
    15. Perhaps you might consider me a bit of a fanatic about en

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