Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

  Lets discuss the problem of the courts in the USA. I know the courts are the overseers of the law.

Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

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ove their families. First of all we like birthday parties. We prepare for them carefully.
  • Certainly birthday parties are the purest ones we put a fortune tree in the living room and decorate it with lanterns, crackers, with birthday wishes.
  • Dont make haste. Tell about the fortune tree in details.
  • It is not so extraordinary we put a branch of a tree in a bowl. Then hang paper toys, sweets, crakes with wishes in it. And everyone is pleased to receive any prize.
  • Great. I see you at your best. And what other family holidays do you celebrate except birthday?
  • Well they are different family anniversaries: entering school, finishing it, entering the university and graduation from it, the anniversary of wedding party and so on.
  • Well I see. It is so pleasant to be together with your relatives to make head or tall the sorrows, the troubles, the happiness of each other. By the way tomorrow is my birthday and I invite you.
  • Certainly Ill come and I want to suggest you to make place markers for your guests, decorating them with colored paper balloons with the name of your guests. I am sure they will know your party will be more joyful and interesting.
  • Thanks a lot of. Doesnt forget: tomorrow at 5 oclock in the evening. My address is Flat 1. 54 Forest Street.
  • Dont worry. Ill be in time and by the way I want to clear up know are you about folklore?
  • I like folk dances and songs and I want to show you my folk Russian dress.
  • Oh, you have made it yourself!
  • With a help of my relatives. I want you to hear Russian folk songs tomorrow. I know many of them. By the way my relatives can play folk instruments and we have a good time, resting together.
  • It is curious. I hope Ill like it too. I like Russian songs too.

    A problem child


    - All I can think is the problem of problem children and problem parents?

    - It makes me angry to hear this why? This theme seems simple if important.

    - You set much store by this problem.

    But you see if people i.e. parents bring up their children there are no problem children.

    - I dont agree. I think the parents should have a very with their children. And it isnt easy. I can tell you.

    - How is that you cant understand that there is nothing to worry about. Children must obey their parents. Parent must look after their children. And that is all.

    1. I wanted to finish the discussion but I decided not to do, because some pupils are in very different conditions. E.g. their parents are drugs addicted or have other harmful habits. They got their children rattled.

    - I wouldnt go so far as to take it5 seriously. Because there are not so many people with harmful habits.

    - Look here unfortunately there are many problem children and problem parents, because of unpleasant condition in the society: e.g. unemployment, shortage of money, a high level of divorces and of course the school is involved in all these processes.

    - Its your look out. No doubt there should be two sided. Promotion concerning parents and children.


    My first teaching experience


    - Ive heard that you had passed your first school practice? What are your impressions?

    No matter how difficult it was, I liked it. But you also had passed the first school practice, hadnt you?

    - Well, frankly speaking it was interesting for me to communicate with schoolchildren of different ages.

    - Now that we are rather experienced we are not annoyed with the process of teaching.

    -Really after my first school practice I have nothing but satisfaction.

    - While being at practice I fond out that many pupils are smart.

    - Id like to tell you about one of the most interesting case during my practice in exchange.

    - You are welcome. I want to reluctant to listen to your story.

    - I see you make a fuss about it?

    - Why not?

    - Well one day, the pupils asked me too many questions at the lesson. I was at a loss. I understood that I know not much. I was ashamed.

    - The matter was urgent wasnt it?

    - I decided to study very interesting stuff in different spheres.

    - What have you done?

    - I studied much valuable various information.

    - What was the result?

    - What brought about your relations with children?

    - When they understood that I am well educated. They could entrust me.

    - Well. Though it was our first practice, we realized we could bring the children.


    TV a national disease


    - I assure you that TV has positive and negative influences.

    - Certainly I am not opposed to this question. But I think neednt worry about it; the TV leadership knows its way about and can find a necessary way out.

    - I will say this for TV it taught me a lot.

    - Sure, some TV programmes are valuable. Nowadays cable television, satellite televisions are widely spread.

    - I prefer current affairs and nature life programmes.

    - I see as to me I am fond sports programmes and sitcoms.

    - Of course TV has much positive influence. It is modern, can be portable, interesting and exciting.

    - But from the other hand. TV becomes commercial; there are too many thrillers, soap operas much violence.

    - And the screen time is too expensive.

    - I am annoyed with the advertisement.

    - So do I. I think they should reduce the time of the advertisement.

    - No matter how negative TV seems to be it has great future.


    Family life


    - In todays conversation I would like to concentrate of major problems of young couples, because not so long ago my brother has married. First his wife and he were meant for each other. And now..?

    - Well, I myself am going to marry. And this problem is in the first place for me. Can you describe with much detail the problems of your married brother?

    - When a young family was confirmed by the parents, all the finical problems were out of the way. But then on account of young couple wanted to be independent parents stopped their support some problems appeared.

    - You wanted drop a hint. They made ends meet.

    - Exactly!

    - And to avoid the problems both husband and wife should entrust each other and then their marriage will be effective.

    - And what about love and looking up to.

    - Sure. When young couples find fault with each other their marriage will fail under any circumstances.


    The only way to travel is on foot


    - I guess there are some pros and contras of the fast that the only way to travel is on foot.

    - I have my feet on the ground that travelling on foot is of great importance I dont object to travel on foot myself.

    - It seems to me you have pos for this kind of traveling. I am not where you like, you may stay at any peace and it is not expensive. You are reluctant resting either near the lake or at the river.

    - To my mind traveling on foot is the healthiest way to go about the country because you are not rattled by the air freshness.

    - You drop a hint that it is useful to travel on foot.

    - Exactly.

    - But any traveling must have its pros and contras what about the contras of traveling on foot.

    - Certainly. But I ask you not chatter like a magpie.

    - Sorry. But nevertheless dont wash your hands of the discussion.

    - As far as I am concerned to be out of doors isnt very pleasure. The weather may be changeable, and you may be very tied of going to long.

    - I dont object to this point of view. But the thing is that you must be very attentive in order not to be in trouble.


    What makes a good teacher?


    - The question about teaching is more popular than ever.

    - Really! What an importance it must have been to our society.

    - It is because of everybody is involved in the process of teaching.

    - The first and most important thing I have to tell you that some people have an inform gift for teaching.

    - I really do remember that of course a good teacher must have an inform gift for teaching. But not only it!

    - You have some contras of the informal gift dont you?

    - I am inclined that an informal gift as a matter of fact is vital. But I prefer the opinion that the skill of teaching can be taught.

    - I dont shift my ground. I know some examples, when good teachers without necessary pedagogical education, are good teachers indeed. They are teachers by their origin. There are meant for being teachers.

    This opinion is attractive of interesting. But in comparison with it, the teacher must be a person of high qualification.

    - Thus he must know too much.

    - So a good teacher must confirm his high appointment to serve the business of pupils education.


    All happy resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way


    - A Great Russian poet L. Tolstoy has his own world knows point of concerning happy and unhappy families. Do you purely consent to it?

    - As far as I am able to judge each family is individual, all the families cant resemble one another.

    - Here I differ with you. When the families are full, parents are serious, they earn much to maintain the families, they take care of their children, and they may resemble each other.

    - I must say I can see no reason oppose. Perhaps you are right. Really if the parents dont pa

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