Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

  Lets discuss the problem of the courts in the USA. I know the courts are the overseers of the law.

Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

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Сборник диалогов

по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников


















Составители учителя английского языка


Мануйлова Л.Н., Колпакова М.А.

Данный сборник предназначен для развития устной речи учащихся старших классов общеобразовательных школ. Диалоги основаны на лексико-грамматическом материале современного английского языка. Они включают так же идиомы, американизмы, что повышает заинтересованность учащихся к данным диалогам. Тематика диалогов разнообразна, охватывает различные сферы жизни.




Higher Education

The problem of the court in the USA

Difficult children

Customs and holidays

A problem child

My first teaching experience

TV a national disease

Family life

The only way to travel is on foot

What makes a good teacher

All happy resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its

An ideal family a myth or reality. (What is your idea of ideal family?)

Should drug addiction and prostitution entail legal prosecution? What do you think of the causes of these phenomena?

Married or single?

Books and reading in our life

Television and children

Men make houses, women make homes

Books and reading

Man and music

Customs and holidays in English speaking countries

The generation gap: myth or reality? (1)

The generation gap: myth or reality? (2)

Problems and prospects of higher education in Kazakhstan

Increase in divorce a global problem (1)

Environmental protection problem (1)

Environmental protection problem (2)

Problems and prospects of higher education in Kazakhstan (2)

Increase in divorce a global problem (2)

Customs and holidays in English speaking countries.

The stricter the punishment, the lesser the crime rate, or is it?

The problem of family happiness.

The profession of a teacher


Higher Education


  1. I am going to go America to educate there. How that I am eager to clear up some questions about it. Will you help me?
  2. Of course Ill do it anyway.
  3. Nice of you to say that. First of all Id like you to explain me. How successful applicants are chosen at colleges at leading universities.
  4. Ill explain it with great pleasure. These applicants are chosen on the basis of a) Their high school records, b) recommendations, c) their scores on the scholastic aptitude tests.
  5. Well, I see. But does the system of higher education on the us comprise there categories of institution?
  6. Thats right. These there categories of institutions are: 1) the university, which may contain several colleges for under graduate students, 2) the technical training institutions, 3) the two year, or community college.
  7. Well, I see! But can be they public or private?
  8. No doubt. These institutions can be private or public and it depends on the source of its funding.
  9. A future student will have himself in factors determining the quality of education what institutions can you suggest to me?
  10. The most selective are the old private north eastern universities such as Harvard Radcliffe, Princeton University, and University of Pennsylvania.
  11. What can you say about their traditions?
  12. Certainly. These traditions make a great influence on their reputation.
  13. What else must Americans also know about universities?
  14. Everyone has to know information about Professional degrees such as a Bachelor of Law, or a Bachelor of Divinity.
  15. I dont want to annoy you? But Id like to know something about the requirements for a Masters or Doctors degree.
  16. You may read more detailed information in some handbooks or guides.
  17. I see, you are not a chatterbox, you prefer to speak in a short way. But explain me the question about the credits.
  18. It depends on the number of hours of work involved. They are earned by attending lectures and by successfully completing assignments and examinations.
  19. Are credits for the academic work transferable among universities?
  20. Yes, they are.
  21. Many thanks for your assistance.
  22. Dont mention it. It wasnt any difficulty for me.


The problem of the court in the USA


  1. Lets discuss the problem of the courts in the USA. I know the courts are the overseers of the law. No matter who the man is, everybody should know something about the court.
  2. I quite agree with you. They administer the law, they resolve disputes under it.
  3. It each state served by the separate court system.
  4. Yes, that is so. State and federal system are organized into three basic levels of courts i.e. trial courts intermediate courts of appeal and a high court, or Supreme Court.
  5. And what are, the state courts concerned with?
  6. They are concerned essentially with cases arising under state law.
  7. And what about federal ones?
  8. Oh, they are concerned with cases arising under federal law.
  9. No matter how difficult it is to remember, but I want to know about trial courts more detailed.
  10. Will these courts include common pleas courts, municipal courts, county courts and mayors courts?
  11. Which of them is the most important?
  12. Of course the common pleas court is the most important. It is the court of general jurisdiction.
  13. Any civil on criminal cases may be brought here, may not they.
  14. Yes, of course.
  15. How, I see and what about probate and domestic division.
  16. Well, in short the probate division deals with wills and the administration of estates etc. and the domestic division deals with divorce, alimony, child custody.
  17. This division deserves nothing but great attention and what about the juvenile division?
  18. This division has jurisdiction over delinquent, unruly or neglected children and over adults.
  19. How do you think what is the main job of courts.
  20. No doubt it is to review cases appealed from trial courts to determine if the law was correctly interpreted and applied.
  21. The Supreme Court of each state is primarily a court of appeal and the court of last resort, isnt it?
  22. Sure, it is.
  23. What is the federal court structure like?
  24. It is similar to the structure of the state court system. The trail courts in the federal system are the U.S. district courts.
  25. What is the highest court in the nation?
  26. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the nation. It consists of a chief justice and eight associate justices.
  27. Whom are they appointed by?
  28. They are appointed for life by the President with the advice and Consent of the Senate.
  29. What is its duty?
  30. Its duty is to decide whether laws passed by the Constitution.
  31. I am very pleased to know all this. And I hope it will help me in my future work as a lawyer.


Difficult children


  1. This year Ill graduate from the university. And I am going to work at school. But children are in the first place at school. Though they sat I am meant to be a teacher. Sometimes I am afraid of so called “difficult” children.
  2. You see, “difficult” children are not a problem in comparison with many other problems.
  3. Nevertheless the problem deserves much attention of necessary. But one must concentrate all the efforts to understand the children, who to some extend are unhappy, who are inclined to use for example, drugs, to destroy order, and waste the greater part of the day.
  4. I am glad you to have a shift in your opinion, calling “difficult” children unhappy. You may absorb much information about youth problems from magazines and newspapers, which confirm the fact, that working with children 1st of all you are to love them in spite of the fact they are children of awful habits.
  5. Well, I understood that to have success in future work with children. I love a way with these children. Id like to talk with some experienced teaches who will be able to describe their long termed work with much detail. No doubt, it will be of great importance for me.
  6. You must not only to learn the children themselves, but their families as well, who are in a light corner. You must be very convincible working with such families.
  7. Of course, I want to work at school though I am not so elated but I hope to find good relations with the children, and may be they wont be “difficult” no longer.
  8. Good luck. Really. You are must be a teacher, no difficult frighten you.


Customs and holidays


  1. Many people like to celebrate different holidays now days. As you know the holidays are different: they may be international, national, local, family, political, and cultural and others. Which of them do you prefer?
  2. There is a proverb: My home is my fortress. That is why I like family holidays ordinary though they are.
  3. By the way I quite agree with you on account of that fact that all the people l

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