Сanada and Australia in Focus

  Мелетинский Е.М. Повествовательный фольклор австралийцев / Мифы и сказки Австралии / Собр. К. Лангло-Паркер. М., 1965. Харитонов І.К., Потапенко С.І. 101

Сanada and Australia in Focus

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Сanada and Australia

in Focus


Навчальний посібник

із країнознавства


Навчальний посібник „Сanada and Australia in Focus” вміщує короткі відомості про Канаду й Австралію, міфи й легенди цих країн із прозорою фабулою, різноманітні за змістом, дібрані з урахуванням сфери інтересів і потреб учнів основної школи. Запропоновані тексти ілюструють особливості суспільного життя Канади й Австралії: соціальної, історичної, релігійної та культурної сфер. У навчальному посібнику пропонується список лексичних одиниць, глосарій та словник. До кожного з автентичних текстів додаються різноманітні вправи і завдання, що дозволяють зацікавити учнів / студентів, забезпечити їхню комунікативну активність, здійснювати контроль рівня сформованості їхніх іншомовних комунікативних навичок і вмінь, надати учням / студентам можливість самостійно себе оцінити, порівняти власні навчальні досягнення.

Посібник може бути корисним для учнів загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів, студентів педагогічних факультетів університетів, вчителів і викладачів, а також для усіх тих, хто вивчає англійську мову самостійно.


Canadian and Australian Myths and Legends


The Monkey and the Crocodile


Key words and expressions:

to yell

to slap

to come up with a plan

to be greedy

to be sad and miserable

Make up sentences with new words

Pre-reading task

1. How do you think? Is it possible for monkey and crocodile to be good friends?

2. Divide into two groups. Make up a list of advantages and disadvantages to be a monkey and a crocodile. Share your ideas.


A long time ago a monkey lived in a great fig tree on the riverbank. Life was good for him. He grew big and strong eating the tree's fruit. A lot of crocodiles lived in the river and one of them watched the monkey for a long time as he ate and slept in the tree.

“That monkey's heart must taste so sweet from all the fruit he eats” the crocodile thought to herself. “I want to eat it”.

She turned to her husband and said “See the big monkey up there in that tree. Bring me his heart, I want to eat it”.

Her husband looked up at the monkey in the tree and then looked at his wife.

“But the monkey lives high in the tree and Im here in the river. How can I catch him?”

“I dont care how you do it, just bring me his heart” yelled his wife, slapping the water angrily with her tail.

Her husband knew there was no way of talking her out of something, once she had made up her mind. She wouldnt talk to him again until he brought her the monkeys heart.

“Ok, Ok, calm down, Ill think of something, dearest” he said.

The crocodile thought and thought and finally came up with a plan.

“I know what Ill do” he said to himself. “I'll trick the monkey into riding on my back”.

The crocodile swam closer to the tree.

“Hello Mr Monkey. How are you today?” he called out, smiling and trying to sound friendly. He wasnt too bright. When he smiled he showed all his big teeth.

“I'm fine, thank you” said the monkey, trying not to look scared as he stared down from the tree at the open mouth with all those big sharp teeth.

“Mr Monkey, why do you only eat the fruit from that fig tree when there are so many juicy mangoes on trees on the island in the middle of the river?” asked the crocodile.

“Because I cant get across the river, the water is too deep” answered the monkey.

“No problem, you can ride on my back and I'll take you over there” said the crocodile.

The monkey didnt trust the crocodile completely, but he was greedy and he wanted to taste all those juicy mangoes on the island. So he jumped down onto the crocodiles back.

“Hold on tight and off we go” said the crocodile.

The crocodile had only swum a little way when he dived under the water.

“Why did you do that?” said the monkey, spluttering and spitting out water. “I could have drowned”.

“You are going to drown” said the crocodile. “I'm going to hold you under the water and kill you. My wife wants me to bring her your heart so she can eat it.”

“Ah, you should have told me before we left” said the monkey. “I didnt bring my heart with me. I dont keep it inside me all the time because it could get knocked to pieces from all that jumping around in the tree” he said. "Take me over to the island and after I've eaten some mangoes, we'll go back to my tree and I'll get my heart for you” said the monkey.

“No way, monkey” said the crocodile. "Were going back for your heart first and then well see about the mangoes.”

“Fair enough, youre the boss” said the monkey.

When they got back to the tree the monkey jumped off the crocodiles back and ran up high into the tree.

The monkey yelled down at the crocodile “You dumb crocodile, who ever heard of anyone keeping their heart up a tree. You may be bigger than me and have lots of sharp teeth but you're not smarter than me. My heart is inside me, come up here and get it if you can”.

The crocodile realised he'd been tricked. He was sad and miserable. “This is not good. How am I ever going to explain this to my wife?” the crocodile thought to himself. “She so wanted to taste that monkeys heart”. A tear fell down his cheek as he swam back to his wife.

Comprehension check

Put the following events (A-F) in the right order. Number them (1-6).

a. The crocodile thought and thought and finally came up with a plan.

b. The crocodile realised he'd been tricked.

c. A long time ago a monkey lived in a great fig tree on the riverbank.

d. When they got back to the tree the monkey jumped off the crocodiles back and ran up high into the tree.

e. The monkey didnt trust the crocodile completely, but he was greedy and he wanted to taste all those juicy mangoes on the island.

f. Her husband looked up at the monkey in the tree and then looked at his wife.




Write an article of about 100-120 words to a school newspaper. Express your point of view on the legend.


The River Snake


Key words and expressions:


to stand in doubt

years passed away

an oath


Make up sentences with new words

Pre-reading task

1. Work in small groups. Make a list of words and word combinations which can characterize a snake. Compare your list with other groups.


Once upon a time a certain woman had been on a visit to a distant village. As she was going home she reached the bank of a flooded river. She tried to wade across but soon found that the water was too deep and the current too strong. She looked about but could see no signs of a boat or any means of crossing. It began to grow dark, and the woman was in great distress at the thought that she would not be able to reach her home. While she thus stood in doubt, suddenly out of the river came a great snake and said to her, "Woman, what will you give me if I ferry you across the river?" She answered, "Snake, I have nothing to give you."

The snake said, "I cannot take you across the river unless you promise to give me something." Now the woman at the time was pregnant and not knowing what else to do, she promised that when her child was born, if it were a daughter she would marry her to the river snake, and if it were a son that, when the boy grew up he should become the name friend of the snake. The woman swore to do this with an oath, and the snake took her on his back and bore her safely across the flooded stream. The woman safely reached her home, and in a little time a daughter was born to her.

Years passed away, and the woman forgot all about the snake and her oath. One day she went to the river to fetch water, and the snake came out of the stream and said to her, "Woman, where is the wife whom you promised to me?" The woman then remembered her oath, and going back to her house she returned to the river with her daughter. When the girl came to the bank of the river, the snake seized her and drew her underneath the water, and her mother saw her no more.

The girl lived with the snake at the bottom of the river, and in the course of years bore him four snake sons. Afterwards the girl remembered her home, and one day she went to visit her mother. Her brothers when they came home were astonished to see her and said, "Sister, we thought that you were drowned in the river." She answered, "No, I was not drowned, but I am married and have children." The brothers said, "Where is this brother-in-law of ours?" Their sister said, "Go to the river and call him." So they went to the river and called, and the snake came up out of the water and went to their house with them. Then they welcomed the snake and gave him great quantities of rice beer to drink. After drinking this the snake became sleepy and went to sleep. Then the brothers who did not like a snake brother-in-law took their axes and cut off the head of the snake while he slept, and afterwards their sister lived in their house.

Comprehension check

Read the statements (1-8) that follow the text and decide if they are TRUE or FALSE according to what the text says. Mark your answers (x) in the table after the statements. An example has already been

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