Реклама торгового техникума/школы, переведённая на английский язык (контрольная работа The Technical School Today)

  Shabunina Irina Dmitrievna 1976, "Technology of public catering products", has been working at the Technical School for 19 years,

Реклама торгового техникума/школы, переведённая на английский язык (контрольная работа The Technical School Today)



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Lawyer speciality 0201 "Jurisprudence", the activity of a lawyer is aimed at realization of legal norms and securing of law and order in our society; the objects of professional activity are legal relations at the organizations of different forms of property.

Accountant speciality 0601 "Economics, Accounting and Control". The profession of an accountant is aimed at the sphere of economical and financial activities of firms; their professional objects are: firm's property, own capital, duties, accounting and control of financial economical activities, normative and registrative and managerial documentation; an accountant carries out economical, analytical and final controlling activities.

Manager speciality 0602 "Management"; a manager goes in for managerial and economical activities, ensures rational management of economical processes, organisation of all system of management and its improvement, carries out organisation managerial, planning, control and analytical activities.

Marketer speciality 0607 "Marketing"; the objects of a professional activity of marketer are requirements and goods policy of firms; their activity is aimed at researching consumer needs and stimulating of sale of goods and rendering services; marketer carries out marketing , economical, control-analytical, accounting saling information activity.

Businessman speciality 0608 "Commerce". A businessman works in the sphere of circulation, aimed at bringing of goods and services from producers to consumers. Objects of professional work of a businessman are: processes of realization of goods and services, technological, organizational processes and informational insurance of movement of the goods. A businessman carries out commercial, organisational managerial, marketing and foreign economic activity.

Goods Expert speciality 0612 "Science of Commodities". The objects of the activity of a goods expert are goods, ensuring of goods movement. Goods examination is aimed at identification, appraisal and management of quality and range of goods, ensuring the retaining of goods consignments. Goods expert carries out expert, commercial, organisation managerial, technological and marketing activities.

Technologist speciality 2711 "Technology of public catering products". He is in the sphere of producing and circulation. He carries out producing, technological, organisation-managerial, controlling activity aimed at producing and realization of culinary and confectionery goods, service of customers, satisfaction of their real and future requirements.

Manager speciality 2311 "Organization of service at public catering establishments." A manager renders services at public catering and ensures information maintenance, getting goods and services to customers.


The Technical School Today


The aim of the Technical School is to prepare specialists of high professionalism and inner culture.

The main tasks are:

  • to accustom the students to common to all mankind values; to form their adequate behaviour.
  • to develop their abilities for further training and for conducting their professional activities.
  • to seize ethic and legal rules regulating the relations between the people, towards the society and the surroundings

Nowadays the Technical School lives a very interesting and full life. It has achieved a lot during these 70 years. These achievements belong both to teachers and students.

For example, our girl-students regularly take prize places in aerobic in our town and region. In table-tennis and dumb-bell our students took the second place in the competition between the Technical Schools of the Ministry of economic development and Trade in Kursk (1999). We constantly take first places in town games.

In accordance with the aesthetical direction of education we have a general class meeting (or class-hour) when we visit concerts, performances, listen to the people of art. Amateur Student groups of the Technical School took part in the festival "Students' spring" and became laureates.

It is a tradition now at the Technical School to meet with its graduates this is a real connection of generation. While talking at such meetings the managerial staff of the enterprises tell about the shortage of specialists in the region. The market demands competent and qualified specialists of modern direction (business-man; lawyers; managers, marketers)

That's why by adding a new two-storied building we enlarged our material and technical basis and could open new specialities: "Management", "Commerce", "Jurisprudence", "Marketing", "Organization of service at public catering establishments." Our graduates come with presents, tell about their experience of work, invite our students to work to their enterprises. Beautiful vases, pictures, VCR "Samsung", telephones, clocks all these and many other presents of our graduates decorate the studies and lecture-rooms of the Technical School.

In 1989 two computer classes and a cabinet were opened here, they gave our teachers and students the opportunity to make themselves familiar with new computer technologies. Most of our teachers in order to solve our main methodical problem "Computerization of educational process" had finished computer courses. But that wasn't enough, the year 1999 showed the necessity of the creation of a laboratory "Training Accounting"

The laboratory is well equipped with modern computers with legal information systems "Consultant-accountant", "Directory on taxes and taxation", software "Best". Future lawyers work with the programme "Consultant Plus".

In 1991 there was organised a methodical cabinet at the Technical School, and Mariya Vladimirovna Bogacheva became its director. Our methodical work is directed on creation of conditions for teachers for their fruitful work. The main tasks of this cabinet are to teach, to help, to interest. During the whole history of the development of the Technical School the teaching staff puts and solves concrete methodical aims, based on the principle of training high qualified specialists, meeting the requirements of educational standard. The distinctive feature of the improvement of our methodical basis is step-by-step research accumulation and the highest possible utilization of all methodical knowledge in all aspects of pedagogical activities.

Nowadays the pedagogical staff works out educational and methodical complexes on different disciplines, collection of practical works, tasks in economics, accounting. There is a methodical council at the Technical School, O.V. Kovalyova, the Deputy Director in educational work, is its President, under the direct guidance of the Council the certification and recertification of teachers and masters of practical training has been held. Great attention is paid to young teachers. No one is left aside.

The chairmen of cycle commissions help the teachers in their methodical work. There are 10 of them at the Technical School. They are headed by the teachers of the highest category. At the end of each year there is a competition for the best commission. The winners are awarded with valuable presents.

It has already become a tradition to hold the weeks of specialists, when each cycle commission presents its speciality. Many interesting, necessary and useful things are held: presentations of goods on the bases of practical training (they are usually organised with the help of our teachers and masters of practical training); setting of theme tables, exhibitions of cocktails, cookery, confectionary prepared by students.

Practical training of students, which takes from 40% to 50% of the whole volume of training, helps to raise the quality of future specialists. During their industrial (professional) training the students consolidate and deepen the knowledge they have got during, their theoretical training, acquire skills and habits.

There are different forms and methods of practical training: educational, industrial, technological, before the diploma (on their speciality).

Practical training takes place at the largest and the best enterprises of trade and public catering in the towns of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Many of them are headed by our graduates.

On the group of non-food products the bases for practical training are: "The Department Store № 1" LTD, "Children's World" LTD in Pyatigorsk; on the group of food products the Shop № 1 Public Limited Company (PLC) "Holod" in Pyatigorsk.

For the speciality № 2711 "Technology of public catering products" there are the following practical training bases: the restaurants "Friendship" ("Drughba") in Kislovodsk, "Tselebny Narzan" ("Curative Narzan") in Kislovodsk, the Technical School canteen, the refectory of the sanatorium "Spring" ("Rodnik") in Pyatigorsk, "Ukraine" and "Kazakhstan" in Essentuki.

For the speciality № 2311 " Organization of service at public catering establishments" there are the following practical training bases: the restaurants "Intourist", "Pyatigorsk" and "Hermitage" in Pyatigorsk, the cafe "Beks".

The students of the speciality № 0607 "Marketing" and № 0602 "Management" have their practical training in t

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