Here are some approaches that may be helpful in answering antonym questions: Remember that you are looking for the word




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guage; they make conscious efforts to learn it through; and they check themselves.

In the class, it is teachers job to promote these three learning processes by the use of appropriate teaching acts. Thus, he or she: presents and explains new material in order to make it clear, comprehensible and available for learning; gives practice to consolidate knowledge; and tests, in order to check what has been mastered and still needs to be learned and reviewed.

These acts may not occur in this order, and may sometimes be combined within one activity; nevertheless good teachers are aware which is their main object at any point in a lesson.

In modern teaching materials now in use the words pupils are to learn pass through the following stages:

  1. Pupils listen to the words in sentences arranged in a structural group.
  2. They learn the meaning of the words in various contexts.
  3. Pupils learn the forms of the words.
  4. They perform various exercises with the words in phrases and structures to assimilate the usage of the words.
  5. Pupils use the words in speaking in various situations.

The rules, techniques, methods and structures mentioned in this paper are available for teaching any unit of vocabulary and antonyms as well. Following these learning processes you will achieve a step and will be successful in teaching antonyms and vocabulary in the whole.




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