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  • 181. Lexicology. Different dialects and accents of English
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    Speaking about the historic causes of these deviations it is necessary to mention that American English is based on the language imported to the new continent at the time of the first settlements, that is on the English of the 17th century. The first colonies were founded in 1607, so that the first colonizers were contemporaries of Shakespeare, Spenser and Milton. Words which have died out in Britain, or changed their meaning may survive in the USA. Thus, I guess was used by Chaucer for I think. For more than three centuries the American vocabulary developed more or less independently of the British stock and, was influenced by the new surroundings. The early Americans had to coin words for the unfamiliar fauna and flora. Hence bull-frog 'a large frog', moose (the American elk), oppossum, raccoon (an American animal related to the bears), for animals; and corn, hickory, etc. for plants. They also had to find names for the new conditions of economic life: back-country 'districts not yet thickly populated', back-settlement, backwoods 'the forest beyond the cleared country', backwoodsman 'a dweller in the backwoods'.

  • 182. Lexico-semantic characteristics of business letter correspondence
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    "The figures must be approved" are obscure ones leaving unsettled who it is that delivers, who decides, and who does the approving. Which side it is to be? Lawsuits are the plausible outcome of leaving it all unsettled. Passives used in contracts can destroy the whole negotiations. "You will deliver" is better for it identifies the one who will do delivering. Certainly, "must be approved by us" violates other canons. "We shall have the right but not the obligation to approve" is less unfortunate. There is no doubt that passives do not suit business letters, and if they go all the way through without adding something like "by you" or "by us" they are intolerable. Once in a long while one may find passives used purposely to leave something unresolved. In those circumstances they will be in class with "negotiate in good faith", which I've examined earlier.

  • 183. Mark Twain (1835-1910) english
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    The beside this river, Samual Clemens grew into his boyhood. He saw negrous chained like animals for transportation to richer slave markets to the South. Sams father owned slaves. For a girl of fifteen he paid twelwe dollars; for a woman of twenty-five he paid twenty-five dollars; for a strong negro woman of forty he paid forty dollars. All the negroes of his own age were good friends of Sam. The young boy has always remember these sad things. Better things he remembered also. He remembered below the village woods “a heavenly place” where he played with the boys.

  • 184. Marketing reflections on learning outcomes
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    The idea of consumer product classifications is important in terms of understanding how they think of them and what can be the motivation to buy them. This understanding is really critical, because to project our own perceptions on what we want to sell should be the last thing to do. Since the human nature is really a complicated thing, therefore the accumulated knowledge and observations made by the marketing scientists can be really helpful in making decisions. This may apply to certain particular classes of consumers' products like convenience, shopping, specialty, and unsought products. The useful thing to realize is that in selling a specific product or service we need to take into account specific qualities they offer, in terms of both material and psychological implications. Branding is also an important factor in marketing decisions. The idea of branding is to win wider and steadier recognition, though in real life a brand would not necessarily ensure a desired quality. Yet it works and, therefore, should be taken into account for competitive considerations. One of the important real life implications here is that to sell a branded product we would have to think well of what kind of advantages might contrast our product or service against the competitors one. The product life cycle is especially important to in terms of planning of our marketing activities. For example, when dealing with a new product on the market it is important to be aware of the main stages of products life. The low sales at the introduction and market growth stages would affect our marketing decisions in many ways, specifically in terms of promotion approaches, pricing policies, scale of production, financing, risk taking, etc.

  • 185. Mass Media in England
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    The BBC provides two complementary national terrestrial television networks: BBC 1 and BBC 2, which transmit 24 hours a day. It also provides a range of digital channels, including BBC News 24 and BBC Choice. BBC Network Radio serves an audience of 29 each week, transmitting 24 hours a day on its five national networks. BBC has 39 local radio stations serving England and the Channel Islands, and regional and community radio services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. BBC World Service broadcasts by radio in English and 42 other languages world wide. It has a global weekly audience of at least 140 million listeners. BBC Worldwide Television is responsible for the BBCs commercial television activity. It is one of Europes largest exporters of television programmes. It also runs an advertiser funded, 24 hour international news and information channel; and an entertainment and drama channel broadcast to subscribers in continental Europe and Africa.

  • 186. Mathematical Formulas for Calculation of Newtonian Constant of Gravitation G
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    Failures in creation of (G, h, c)-theories and a big number of other fundamental physical constants, among which it is difficult to prefer one of them, bring forward s task of search of ontological base of physical constants. Contemporary physics accumulated already about 300 fundamental constants [6]. 300 constants and all are fundamental! Why such a big number of constants are considered to be fundamental? If we refer them to truly fundamental constants, it exists too much of them. If we accept a fact, that a single material essence makes a world base and all of physical phenomena should have a single nature, then amount of constants must be lesser. Here we remember Ockham-s rule, according to which we should not multiply a number of essences without necessity, and also Fresnel opinion, that L the nature is disposed to operate by great things with the help of the little¦ [5, 8]. Therefore, if priority and independence of constants are criterions of true fundamentality, then just a little amount of constants should be considered to be truly fundamental. That is why, a deep contradiction exists in fact, that hundreds of constants have fundamental status. Our task is to find among them "truly fundamental constants" and reveal a number of them. Many facts indicate, that it is sufficient to have three dimensional constants as truly fundamental. However only three basic units - metre, kilogramme and second v are enough to receive all units, having mechanical nature. But unsuccessful attempts in creation of (G, h, c)-theories show, that three constants are not enough. It means, that we should search the unknown number JF, which comply with a number of still unknown truly fundamental constant, should be searched somewhere between 3 and 300:

  • 187. Maximum-profit equilibrium: monopoly
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    Why is this so? Suppose, at price $7, you can sell 4 units; at price $6, 5 units. Revenues associated with these two prices are respectively $28 and $30. Marginal Revenue from selling the fifth unit is accordingly $(2/5/6/7/28/30). It is the difference in revenue obtained as a result of selling the one extra unit. Why only $2when the price at which that fifth unit sold was 86? Because to sell that fifth unit, price had to be reduced. And that lowered price applies to all 5 units. The first 4, which formerly sold at $7, now bring only $6. On this account, revenue takes a beating of $4. You must subtract tins $4 from the $6 which the fifth unit brings in. This leaves a net gain in revenue of $2Marginal Revenue.

  • 188. Mesures non tarifaires
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    TERMEDEFINITION Autolimitation des exportations Une mesure adoptee par un pays exportateur et par laquelle il accepte volontairement de limiter le volume ou la valeur des exportations dun produit donne vers un pays importateur particulier. Barrieres non tarifaires Mesures non tarifaires qui ont un impact protectionniste. Exemples: quotas, contingents tarifaires, regimes de delivrance des licences, fourchettes de prix. Boutique hors taxe Une boutique hors taxe est un entrepot licencie qui a obtenu une autorisation du gouvernement deffectuer des ventes en franchise de droits de douane, daccises et de taxes nationales, pour les personnes voyageant en dehors du pays. La plupart de ces boutiques se trouvent dans des ports et des aeroports ainsi quaux frontieres internationales. Il y a normalement deux categories de boutiques hors taxes, les boutiques hors taxes de sortie et les boutiques hors taxes dentree. Les boutiques hors taxes de sortie ont lautorisation de vendre des produits en franchise de droits de douane а des particuliers qui quittent le pays. Les boutiques hors taxes dentree sont situees dans les terminaux des aeroports internationaux entre les portes de debarquement et les zones de procedure douaniere. Ces boutiques ne peuvent vendre des articles en franchise de droits de douane et de taxes quaux passagers qui arrivent. Ils ont des limites quant а la gamme des produits quils peuvent vendre. De meme, les passagers sont soumis а des restrictions quant au montant de certaines marchandises quils peuvent acheter. Contingents tarifaires Un systeme de protection du commerce par lequel un taux tarifaire inferieur est impose sur des importations de quantites specifiees dun produit donne, et des taux tarifaires plus eleves sont imposes sur des importations qui excedent ces quantites. La taille du quota est normalement definie par le gouvernement de facon periodique, notamment annuellement. Droit ad valorem Un droit qui est impose en termes de pourcentage de la valeur du bien. Par exemple, un droit de 5 %, ce qui signifie que le droit dimportation est de 5 % de la valeur evaluee du bien en question. Equivalent ad valorem Lorsquun droit est fixe en termes specifiques ou mixtes, un « equivalent ad valorem » de la portion non ad valorem du droit est habituellement calculee а des fins de reference. Il y a plusieurs formules pour estimer les equivalents ad valorem. Une approche courante est basee sur le commerce NPF, les droits recouvres etant divises par la valeur en douane. Licences dimportation Procedures administratives requerant la presentation dune demande ou dautres documents (autres que ceux qui sont requis а des fins douanieres) а lentite administrative appropriee comme condition prealable а limportation de biens. Accord de lOMC sur les procedures de licences dimportation. Licences d'importation automatiques Licences dimportation dont la demande est approuvee dans tous les cas et qui ne sont pas administrees dune facon qui pourrait avoir des effets restrictifs sur les importations donnant lieu а des licences automatiques. Licences d'importation non automatiques Licences qui ne tombent pas dans la definition de licences dimportation automatiques. Les licences dimportation non automatiques sont utilisees pour administrer les restrictions commerciales telles que des restrictions quantitatives lorsquelles sont justifiees dans le cadre legal du commerce international. Mesures non tarifaires Toutes les mesures imposees aux flux du commerce qui ne sont pas des mesures tarifaires. Quelques-unes de ces mesures peuvent constituer des barriиres non tarifaires. Prescriptions de resultat Une exigence egale imposee aux producteurs de biens et/ou services, qui leur impose certaines obligations. Par exemple, quelques accords commerciaux concluent les prescriptions de resultat suivantes, entre autres: (i) quun niveau ou pourcentage determinй de biens ou de services soit exporte; (ii) que des biens et services nationaux du pays producteur qui accorde une exemption des droits de douane soient substitues pour des biens ou services importes; (iii) quune personne au benefice dune exemption de droits de douane achete dautres biens ou services dans le territoire du pays producteur accordant lexemption de droits de douane ou donne la preference aux biens et services de production interieure; (iv) quune personne au benefice dune exemption de droits de douane produise des biens ou fournisse des services sur le territoire du pays producteur accordant lexemption, avec un niveau ou un pourcentage determine de contenu national; ou (v) une exigence qui relie dune facon ou dune autre le volume ou la valeur des importations au volume ou а la valeur des exportations ou au montant des rentrees de devises. Procedure de ristourne Procedure douaniere qui prevoit, lorsque des biens sont exportes, un remboursement (partiel ou total) sur les droits et taxes dimportation prelevees sur des biens ou des matieres contenues dans ces derniers ou consommees au cours de leur production. Programme de report des droits Tout regime dimportation qui comprend des dispositions pour le report du paiement des droits dimportation tels que ceux qui regissent les zones franches, les importations temporaires sous douane les entrepots de douane, « maquiladoras », et les programmes de traitement interieur. Systeme harmonise de designation et de codification des marchandises Le Systeme harmonise de designation et de codification des marchandises, generalement appele « Systeme harmonise » ou simplement « SH », est une nomenclature de produits internationale а buts multiples elaboree par lOrganisation mondiale des douanes (OMD). Il comprend environ 5 000 groupes de produits, chacun identifie par un code de six chiffres, organise. en une structure egale et logique et appuye par des regles bien definies en vue dobtenir une classification uniforme. Le systeme est utilise par plus de 177 pays et economies comme base de leurs tarifs douaniers et pour la collecte de statistiques sur le commerce international. Le Systeme harmonise est regi par la Convention internationale sur le Systeme harmoniseй de designation et de codification des marchandises. Tarif compositeUn tarif qui combine des tarifs ad valorem et specifiques. Tarif specifique Un tarif qui est impose en termes de charges monetaires specifiques par unite ou quantite de bien importe. Par exemple, 100 $ par tonne metrique dun bien donne. Traitement national Disposition legale qui cherche а eviter la discrimination et le protectionnisme dans lapplication de la taxe interne et des mesures reglementaires. Elle stipule normalement que des que des importations sont entrees sur le territoire dun pays importateur, 1) des taxes internes doivent etre appliquees egalement aux importations et а la production interieure similaire, et 2) les reglements nationaux ne doivent pas traiter les importations de facon « moins favorable » que la production interieure similaire. Zone franche de transformation pour lexportation Un domaine industriel clairement delimite qui constitue une enclave de libre-echange dans le regime douanier et commercial dun pays, et dans lequel des entreprises facturieres etrangиres et locales produisant essentiellement а des fins dexportation beneficient dun certain nombre dincitatifs fiscaux et financiers.

  • 189. Metallica
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    Metallicas beginning as many other things in this world owes to someone being at the right place in the right time. Im talking about one of the founders of future legend its drummer, Lars Ulrich, who was born in faraway Denmark. This fact is interesting, because only two famous performers of heavy metal were ever born in Denmark: King Diamond and Ulrich himself. Lars was born in a suburb of Copenhagen on December 26, 1963 in family of famous at that time tennis player, Torben Ulrich. Due to this, problem of Larss profession was solved at early age. At the beginning little Lars constantly traveled all around the world with his dad to different championships and tournaments, and later took up tennis himself. By the time Lars was ten, he was in the top ten of Danish junior league, and would only keep advancing. Both Lars and his father were thinking that his future was set as a tennis star. However, that soon changed. In February of 1973 young Lars accidentally wound up at a concert of Deep Purple. He was taken there by his fathers friend old hippie and fan of hard rock. Lars himself had little interest in that kind of music. What he saw, however, turned his world upside down. A week later, Lars brought home his first vinyl disc album Deep Purple 71 Fireball. Lars also got into Sweet, Uriah Heep, Slade, Thin Lizzy, and Black Sabbath all the British rock-elite. Black Sabbaths concert in 75 inspired other people too, so Copenhagen at the time had plenty of teenagers jumping with some heavy music and trying make guitarists of themselves. Lars, on the other hand, chose a very different instrument for himself the drums. More and more often you could see him spending time with two sticks and a bunch of boxes instead of his tennis racket. Lars finally got real drums for his 13th birthday after bugging his grandmother for several months. One time going around his favorite of music stores, Lars found out “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” or “NWOBHM” that changed his life again. In fall of 79 Lars finally met a real, live rocker drummer of Motorhead, Phil Taylor. Larss parents at the same time were trying to find a way to deal with their sons growing music obsession. They decided on moving to America, where they were sure, it would be easier for Lars to concentrate on sport and continue his promising career in that field, because of all the different tennis tournaments going on in there. So in the middle of 1980 the whole family moved across the ocean to California. Their new home became a place called New-Port Beach, several miles to the south of Los-Angeles. Larss parents sold his drums in Denmark before the move and made him start on tennis again. That didnt work, however. Two months after the move, Lars got himself his own drums, and this time there was nothing his parents could do to keep him away from them. Lars had a problem with America, though: nobody even heard about the music he was so crazy about. There was nothing heavier than Van Halen on the west coast at that time. It is easy to understand how lonely Lars was in his passions. Everyone considered him completely crazy and hopelessly focused on his drums and foreign heavy metal. In the beginning of 1981, however, Lars got lucky he finally met a common thinker, a guy named Jeff Warner, who played the guitar and also liked British rock. Right after they met, both agreed to devote all their free time to heavy metal. In the end of February they met Lloyd Grant, a skilled black guitarist, who was ten years older than Lars and Jeff. Even though it didnt cause any trouble, after several weeks of training together, the three broke up. Lars and Lloyd had some purely communication problems, and Jeff, disappointed by what happened, left too.

  • 190. Methods of Lexicological Analysis
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  • 191. Microsoft Windows 98 укр
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    Та ж сама історія відбувається і з іншій частиною інтерфейсу Windows 98. Було багато що змінено з інструментів Панелі управління (Control Panel), але під косметичними поліпшеннями залишилися невирішеними проблеми Windows 95. Є Майстер підключення до Internet (Internet Connection Wizard), що допомагає підключитися до Мережі, надаючи вибір із досить короткого списку запропонованих їм постачальників послуг Internet (ISP), а в Росії й Україні цей список зовсім порожній. Однак, якщо ви хочете установити доступ до своєму власному ISP і задати свою конфігурацію електронної пошти, вам як і раніше доведеться мати справу з тією ж старою, що покладається винятково на вашу інтуїцію, системою сервісів віддаленого підключення до Мережі по телефонних лініях (Dial-up Networking) із установленими протоколами і поштовими службами. Незважаючи на заяву, що Windows 98 краще управляє системним реєстром (Registry), ми не виявили ніяких поліпшень в утиліті установки і видалення програм (Add/Remove Programs), уперте небажання якої видаляти що-небудь ледве більш складне, чим однофайловий стандартний додаток, уже стало легендарним. Одним словом, під косметичними змінами і хитромудрими настроюваннями диска ви знайдете, по суті, ту ж систему, що і попередня, - із більшістю її недоліків.

  • 192. Modern English Literature
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    When Joanne was twenty six she gave up on offices completely and went abroad to teach English as a Foreign Language. “My students used to make jokes about my name; it was like being back to Winterbourne, except that the Poruguese children said Rolling Stone instead of rolling pin”, - says Joanne. She loved teaching English and as she worked afternoons and evenings, she had mornings free for writing. This was particularly good news as Miss Rowling started her third novel. The new book was about a boy who found out he was a wizard and was sent off to Wizard school. When Joanne came back from Portugal half a suitcase was full of papers covered with stories about Harry Potter. She came to live in Edinburgh with a very small daughter a set herself a headline: “I would finish the Harry Potter novel before starting work as a French teacher, and try to get it published”. It was finished the year after finishing a book before a publisher bought it. ”The moment when I found out that Harry would be published was one of the best in my life”, - says the author. By this time she was working as a French teacher. A few months later Harry was taken for publication in Britain, an American publisher bought the rights for enough money to unable Joanne to give up teaching and write full time her lifes ambition.

  • 193. Motivation
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  • 194. Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation
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    2. Employee satisfaction is also affected by comparisons with other people in similar jobs and organizations. In effect, employees compare their own input/output ratio with that of others. People vary considerably in how they weigh various inputs in that comparison. They tend to weigh their strong points more heavily, such as certain skills or a recent incident of effective performance. Individuals also tend to overrate their own performance compared with the rating they receive from their supervisors. The problem of unrealistic self-rating exists partly because supervisors in most organizations do not communicate a candid evaluation of their subordinates performance to them. Such candid communication to subordinates, unless done skillfully, seriously risks damaging their self-esteem. The bigger dilemma, however, is that failure by managers to communicate a candid appraisal of performance makes it difficult for employees to develop a realistic view of their own performance, thus increasing the possibility of dissatisfaction with the pay they are receiving.

  • 195. My summer Holidays
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    I was dreaming about far South countries I always wanted to visit. For example I dreamed to visit, Greece islands or Singapore beaches. But I had to go to the Azove seaside with my relatives. The water was very warm there because you know Azove Sea isnt deep. There were a lot of beautiful fair trees and bushes there. There were different kinds of entertainments there. Some kinds of water Mountains and water scooters and discos.

  • 196. New York
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    The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle Manhattan. To protect themselves from attacs, they built a sturdy wooden wall. Although it`s now long gone, this wall gave it`s name to a street in Lower Manhattan and the street, in turn, became synonymous with American capitalism. The street, of course, is Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange and the American Stokc Exchange are both in the Wall Street area. So are many stokc brokers, investment blanks and others bank, and headquarters of many large corporations.

  • 197. New York. Places of interest
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    Although New York is not the capital of the United States, it is the biggest and most important city of the country. New York is situated on the Atlantic coast, in the North-East of the country, in the state of New York at the mouth of the deep Hudson River. It is the financial and media capital of the world, the centre of the American cultural life and the national leader in fashion and entertainment. The “Big Apple” is nickname of the city. New York , with the population of 16 mln people, is the second largest city and the biggest sea port in the world. It was founded in 1613 by Dutch settlers. It consists of 5 large boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond. There are a lot of places of interest in New York. The most famous of them is The Statue Of Liberty, given to the USA by France in 1886. Its torch towers about 200 feet above the harbour and can be seen at night for many miles. It is the largest statue in the world. The Empire State Building used to be the first, but now it is only the third tallest building in the world. It is a 102- storeyed building with an observatory on he 86 floor. Broadway is the longest street in the world. It is 12 miles long. It is the centre of entertainments. The Metropolitan Museum is by now probably the richest museum in the world in painting and other objects of Art, due to what had been bought from Europeans after Wold War Two. Besides, we can see the works of American painters there. The Central Park is the largest park in the world. The Fifth avenue has the best houses, hotels and fashionable shops. Times Square is known as New Yorks theatre land the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other museum are situated there. The Rockefeller centre belongs to the Rockefeller family. It is 15 skyscrapers housing several large corporations. It is also known as “Radio City”. There is a theatre , too. The United Nations Headquarters was built in 1952. The building and the grounds contain sculptures and other works of art, donated by member nations. Among them is the gift of the Soviet Union. So I like New York very mach and I can recommend everyone to visit it.

  • 198. Nicolaus Copernicus
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    By 29 August De revolutionibus orbium coelestium was ready for the printer. Rheticus took the manuscript with him when he returned to his teaching duties at Wittenberg, and gave it the printer Johann Petreius in Nьrnberg. This was a leading centre for printing and Petreius was the best printer in town. However, since he was unable to stay to supervise the printing he asked Andreas Osiander, a Lutheran theologian with considerable experience of printing mathematical texts, to undertake the task. What Osiander did was to write a letter to the reader, inserted in place of Copernicus's original Preface following the title page, in which he claimed that the results of the book were not intended as the truth, rather that they merely presented a simpler way to calculate the positions of the heavenly bodies. The letter was unsigned and the true author of the letter was not revealed publicly until Kepler did so 50 years later. Osiander also subtly changed the title to make it appear less like a claim of the real world. Some are appalled at this gigantic piece of deception by Osiander, as Rheticus was at the time, others feel that it was only because of Osiander's Preface that Copernicus's work was read and not immediately condemned.

  • 199. Nikolaev and Yakutia (Николаев и Якутия)
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    Elected by all the people, the first President of the Republic of Sakha, Mikhail Nikolaev, has become the acknowledged leader of the peoples of Yakutia through his practical efforts for the good of the northern peoples. Many things have been achieved. Chief among them the shaping and strengthening of the Republic of Sakha as a sovereign state within Russia, the signing the Federal Agreement, signing of the agreement on economic co-operation with the Russian Federation, as a result of which the Republic received the right to dispose of 20 per cent of gem-grade diamonds, 100 per cent of industrial diamonds, 12 per cent of gold and other resources. An agreement has been signed clarifying the status of state property, belonging both to the Republic of Sakha and to the Russian Federation, and providing for the creation of budget tax levies. The Republic of Sakha has adopted the Constitution. With the active support of the president, the foundations were being set for the development of production capacity, 950 enterprises have been put on a new management basis, more than 2.700 farms have been established, diamond cutting was being developed, as well as other processing industries.

  • 200. Notiune de putere de stat si putere politica
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