• 141. A.F.I.
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Пара вещей с этого диска ("I Wanna get a Mohawk and "Brownie Bottom Sundae") впоследствии стала классикой "A.F.I.". На следующий год последовал еще один панк-альбом, "Very proud of ya", изданный на "Nitro records". Во время записи третьей пластинки ушедшего Кресджа сменил Хантер Берган из "The force". "Shut your mouth and open your eyes" с его бьющей через край энергией получился самым хардкоровым релизом. К началу сессий четвертого альбома в команде вновь произошла замена на этот раз новым гитаристом стал Пьюже, перебравшийся в "A.F.I." из "Redemption 87". Обновленный состав дебютировал с EP "A fire inside", а затем выпустил наиболее ценимый фанами альбом "Black sails in the sunset".

  • 142. Aaliyah (Haughton) 1979 -- 2001 english
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Singer, actress. Born Aaliyah Dana Haughton, on January 16, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, the young singer competed unsuccessfully on the television program Star Search at age 11. Later that same year, she performed with R&B legend Gladys Knight, the former wife of her uncle and manager, Barry Hankerson, at a five-night stand in Las Vegas.
    In 1994, at the age of 15, Aaliyah catapulted onto the R&B charts herself with her debut album, Age Aint Nothing But a Number. Produced by the successful singer R. (Robert) Kelly, the album quickly sold a million copies and eventually earned platinum status based largely on the success of two hit singles, “Back and Forth” and “At Your Best (You Are Love).” Later that year, tabloid reports surfaced claiming that the sultry teen singer had married the 27-year-old Kelly, but Aaliyah denied the union and the marriage was reportedly annulled.

    While a student in the dance program at Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts (she graduated in 1997), Aaliyah released her sophomore album, One in a Million (1996). Helmed by the well-known pop producer Timbaland (Tim Mosely) and featuring rap performer Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, One in a Million portrayed the 17-year-old singer as a sultry hip-hop chanteuse with a self-confidence well beyond her years. The album garnered favorable reviews and sold two million copies.

    Aaliyah gained even more recognition in 1997 when she recorded “Journey to the Past,” the Academy Award-nominated theme song to the animated feature Anastasia. She also performed the song for the Oscar telecast in 1998. Her next soundtrack effort, “Are You That Somebody?" for 1998s Dr. Dolittle, starring Eddie Murphy, went to No. 1 on the R&B charts, was a pop crossover hit, and earned Aaliyah her first Grammy Award nomination.

    In 2000, Aaliyah made her acting debut in the surprise action hit Romeo Must Die, starring opposite martial arts star Jet Li in a Romeo and Juliet-inspired story set in modern-day Los Angeles. She was also an executive producer of the movies soundtrack and performed the hit single “Try Again,” which netted her a second Grammy nomination as well as two MTV Music Video Awards for Best Female Video and Best Video From a Film.

    Her third album, Aaliyah, was released in July 2001 and reached No. 2 on the Billboard album chart. Also in 2001, she played the title role in Queen of the Damned, based on the bestselling novel by Anne Rice and set for release in 2002. She scored a major casting coup when she signed to appear in two upcoming sequels to the blockbuster sci-fi thriller The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.

    Tragically, Aaliyah was killed on August 25, 2001, when a small Cessna passenger plane carrying the singer and her video crew crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from Abaco Island in the Bahamas, where they had just completed work on a video. The plane was headed for Miami, Florida. Aaliyah and seven other people, including the pilot, were believed to have died instantly, while a ninth passenger died later at a Bahamian hospital. Aaliyah was 22 years old at the time of her death. She is survived by her parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, and an older brother, Rashaad.

  • 143. Abattoir
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Эта лос-анжелесская команда была основана в начале 80-х бывшими школьными друзьями, Мелом Санчезом (бас) и Марком Каро (гитара). В первый состав кроме них так же вошли гитарист Джуан Гарсиа, барабанщик Рон Гонзолес и вокалист Рауль Престон. С самого начала группа нашла свой стиль смесь европейского металла и панка с американским привкусом. Первые концерты "Abattoir" состоялись в легендарном лос-анжелесском клубе "Troubadour". Записав демо с двумя треками, коллектив обратил на себя внимание лейбла "Metal Blade", предложившего музыкантам записать одну композицию для сборника "Metal Massacre vol. 4".

  • 144. ABBA
    Информация пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    В феврале 1973 песня квартета Ring Ring, отвергнутая комиссией конкурса Евровидения, была записана на шведском, немецком, испанском и английском языках и возглавила чарты в Швеции, Австрии, Голландии, Бельгии и ЮАР. На обложке сингла впервые (по настоянию Стиккана Андерсона) стояла аббревиатура ABBA. В 1973 вышел и первый альбом группы Ring Ring. 6 апреля 1974 песня ABBA Waterloo с абсолютным перевесом (20:1) победила на конкурсе Евровидения в Брайтоне. Waterloo положила начало беспрецедентной последовательности из восемнадцати хитов подряд в британской десятке, восемь из них достигли вершины: Mamma Mia (1976), Fernando (1976), Dancing Queen (1976), Knowing Me, Knowing You (1977), The Name Of The Game (1977), Take A Chance On Me (1978), The Winner Takes It All (1980), Super Trouper (1980). Верхнюю строчку чартов занимали также восемь альбомов группы, начиная с Greatest Hits. Достижения четверки за океаном были куда скромнее: только Dancing Queen в апреле 1977 неделю держалась на вершине списка. Три альбома стали в Штатах 'золотыми' и только ABBA - The Album (1977) стал 'платиновым'.

  • 145. About animals
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    …that the elephant can pick up a coin with his trunk? The trunk is everything for the elephant. The elephant can do with his trunk much of what we do with our hands. It can pick up a man and put him on his back; then it can pick up and give him a coin which fell from his pocket.

  • 146. About Great Russian Cities
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Syktyvkar, city in northern Russia, capital of Komi republic, Syktyvkar is located along the Sysola River near its confluence with the Vychegda River about 1200 km (about 744 mi) northeast of Moscow. Since the 1960s, the city's economy has focused on the timber industry and includes the production of cellulose, paper, and wood furniture. Additional industry includes the food industry (flour milling, meat, and dairy), light industry (leather shoes, textiles), and construction materials. Lying outside Russia's power network, Syktyvkar has a thermal power plant to serve its energy needs. Because of its extreme northerly location the city has few transportation links; it is, however, the final station on a rail spur from the city of Mikun-. Syktyvkar University (founded in 1972) is located in the city and there are several training institutes for the cellulose industry and the fields of medicine, music, and education. The city has a drama theater and two museums. Syktyvkar was settled as Ust--Sysol-sk in 1586 and was named Syktyvkar in 1930. Most likely due to its extreme northerly location and restructuring in the cellulose industry, the city is one of many in the far north that have lost population since the breakup of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

  • 147. About Lobachevsky
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    At the age of 15 he entered the University of Kazan. At 19 he was awarded a Master's degree. At the age of 24 Lobachevsky became a Professor of mathematics at Kazan University. When he was 35, Lobachevsky was appointed rector of the University. Lobachevsky was 34 years old, when he founded non-Euclidean geometry of two-dimensions. His geometry is valid for pseudosfherical surfaces. It is based on the assumption that the axiom on parallel to a given straight line.

  • 148. About myself
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    My father is 44 years old. He is an eye surgeon. He works in hospital. He is always very busy. He has very little free time. He likes his job. My mother is a teacher of literature. She works a lot. She is always busy checking up the compositions of her pupils. She does her housework and we always help her. My brother is 19 years old. He is a Law Faculty student. He is not married yet and has no family of his own. He wants to be an expert in the field of law that is why he works hard. My little sister is 10 years old. Her name is Ann. Although she is little she knows a lot of wonderful things. She is very clever and intelligent. I can talk with her for hours about the adventures of three musketeers, the Greek and Roman gods and heroes. She learns English. Her favourite books are "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" by Lewis Carroll. But I like his poem "The Hunting of the Snark". It is nonsense literature of the highest order. Children like this fantastic tale about Alice's adventures very much. The book is successful because it is not an allegory; it has no hidden meaning or message, either religious, political, or psychological. My sister has a good ear for music: she goes to musical school for piano lessons. Once I also attended musical school and learnt to play the piano. Sometimes we go to the Conservatoire with our parents to listen to solo concerts or symphonic orchestras.

  • 149. About Theodore Dreiser
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Sufficiently secure at his job, he married Sara ТJugУ White and the couple settled in New York. Arthur Henry, a friend, encouraged him to write a longer work, and Drieser turned his attention toward writing fiction. With editing help from Henry and "Jug," Dreiser wrote what is now considered one of his finest novels, Sister Carrie. Frank Doubleday, the publisher, objected to the novelХs immorality -- the tale of a young woman in a big city who succeeds despite, or even because of, her immorality. To fulfill his contact he agreed to publish DreiserХs work, but refused to promote the book. Charges of obscenity soon followed, making Dreiser a cause cйlиbre for many young writers.

  • 150. About Ukrainian
    Информация пополнение в коллекции 11.08.2008

    High percentage of humus (more than 7 %) helped farmers to gather high harvest without using of any fertilizers. But about 60 years ago fertility of earth suddenly declined because of process of industrialization, which took place in Ukraine. As a result, now we have only 3,5% of humus and the process of land degradation is very actual problem in my country. Many farms still do not care that renovation of productivity of land will take hundreds or thousands of years, and they continue using land in incorrect way. We have also many problems with technology in farms. Many farms, which do not have enough money to buy new techniques, use old machines with low productivity. Those machines pollute environment much more, than the new ones. The system of recycling is not developed in Ukraine at all and it negatively influences on agriculture too. Farms throw out a lot of different things, which can be successfully used in other farms or in plants. In this case it appear many hills of rubbish which have negative influence not only on environment, but also on agriculture of areas which are closely located to those hills. But the biggest problem of agriculture in Ukraine is irrational using of land. After destruction of USSR collective farms were distributed completely incorrectly. Many households (family farms) have area more than 2 hectares, even more than 5 hectares, but their owners use only 1 hectare, and the other part of land is not in use.

  • 151. Abraham Lincoln
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009


    1. Introduction page 3
    2. Early Life page 3
    3. Ancestry page 4
    4. Childhood page 6
    5. Young Manhood page 6
    6. Politics and Law page 6
    7. Illinois Legislator page6
    8. Marriage page6
    9. Congressman page 7
    10. Disillusionment with Politics page7
    11. Return to Politics page 8
    12. Campaigns of 1856 and 1858 page 8
    13. Election of 1860 page 9
    14. Presidency page 9
    15. Sumter Crisis page10
    16. Military Policy page11
    17. Emancipation page 12
    18. Foreign Relations page 12
    19. Wartime Politics page13
    20. Life in the White House page 14
    21. Reconstruction page 14
    22. Death page 15
    23. Source page 16
  • 152. Abstract Expressionism
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    The first public exhibitions of work by the ``New York School'' of artists-- who were to become known as Abstract Expressionists-- were held in the mid '40s. Like many other modern movements, Abstract Expressionism does not describe any one particular style, but rather a general attitude; not all the work was abstract, nor was it all expressive. What these artists did have in common were morally loaded themes, often heavyweight and tragic, on a grand scale. In contrast to the themes of social realism and regional life that characterized American art of previous decades, these artists valued, above all, individuality and spontaneous improvisation. They felt ill at ease with conventional subjects and styles, neither of which could adequately convey their new vision. In fact, style as such almost ceased to exist with the Abstract Expressionists, and they drew their inspiration from all directions.

  • 153. AC/DC
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Эта австралийская хард-роковая команда была сформирована в 1973 году Малколмом Янгом (р. 6 января 1953, Глазго, Шотландия; ритм-гитара) после развала его предыдущего проекта "Velvet underground" (не имеет никакого отношения к группе из США). Янг, чей старший брат Джордж уже достиг славы в Австралии как член "Easybeats", позвал к себе младшего братишку Ангуса Янга (р. 31 марта 1959, Глазго, Шотландия; гитара). Их сестренка позже предложила, чтобы Ангус носил свою школьную униформу на сцене. Эта фишка быстро стала их торговой маркой. Дебют братьев состоялся в Сиднейском баре 31 декабря 1973 года наряду с Дейвом Эвансом (вокал), Ларри Ван Кнедтом (бас) и Колином Бургессом (ударные). В 1974-м Янги и Эванс переместились в Мельбурн, где к ним присоединились Марк Эванс (р. 2 марта 1956, Мельбурн, Австралия; бас) и Фил Радд (р. 19 мая 1954, Мельбурн; ударные). Другой иммигрант из Великобритании, Бон Скотт (Рональд Белфорд Скотт, р. 9 июля 1946, Кирример, Шотландия, вокал), бывший поначалу шофером группы, стал их вокалистом, когда Дейв Эванс отказался выйти на сцену в сентябре 1974-го (Эванс основал проект "Раббит").

  • 154. Accept
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    После выхода третьей пластинки "Breaker" и европейского турне, совместного с "Judas priest", Фишера сменил гитарист Ян Кометт. В том же году музыкальная пресса ФРГ присудила группе титул "надежды года". К 1982-му, когда металлический бум достиг пика, "Accept" получили контракт с "Portrait" - филиалом "CBS" и записали один из своих лучших альбомов, "Restless And Wild": контрапункты гитар, энергичные и напористые соло, яркий, хотя и не всегда уверенный вокал сделали его крупным событием в истории хэви-метал. На диске "Balls To The Wall" место Кометта занял Герман Франк, однако вскоре его сменил вернувшийся в "Accept" Фишер. Команда отправилась в очередное турне и хорошо выступила на фестивале "Монстры рока" в Донингтоне. Весной 1985 группа впервые выехала за океан, где разогревала залы в американском турне "Kiss", - к чему был приурочен выпуск там сборника "Metal Masters" - а потом дала десяток сольных концертов в клубах Техаса.

  • 155. Accusat+vus duplex. Nominat+vus duplex латинский
    Вопросы пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    I спр.II спр.III спр.IV спр.Activums i n g u l  r i s1 л.orn-ba-mdoc-ba-mteg-ba-m capi-eba-maudi-ba-m2 л.orn-ba-sdoc-ba-steg-ba-s capi-eba-saudi-ba-s3 л.orn-ba-tdoc-ba-tteg-ba-t capi-eba-taudi-ba-tp l u r a l i s1 л.orna-b-musdoce-b-musteg-eb-mus capi-eb-musaudi-eb-mus2 л.orna-b-tisdoce-b-tisteg-eb-tis capi-eb-tisaudi-eb-tis3 л.orn-ba-ntdoc-ba-ntteg-ba-nt capi-ba-ntaudi-ba-ntpassivums i n g u l a r i s1 л.orn-ba-rdoc-ba-rteg-ba-r capi-ba-raudi-ba-r2 л.orna-b-risdoce-b-risteg-eb-ris capi-eb-risaudi-eb-ris3 л.orna-b-turdoce-b-turteg-eb-tur capi-eb-turaudi-eb-turp l u r a l i s1 л.orna-b-murdoce-b-murteg-eb-mur capi-eb-muraudi-eb-mur2 л.orna-b-minidoce-b-miniteg-eb-mini capi-eb-miniaudi-eb-mini3 л.orna-b-nturdoce-b-nturteg-eb-ntur capi-eb-nturaudi-eb-nturNB Вместо имперфекта в рассказе о прошлых событиях может употребляться infinitivus praesentis. Такой инфинитив называется infinit+vus histor-cus; он применяется для оживления повествования: Romni festinre, parre (вместо festinbant, parbant) - Римляне спешили, готовились.

  • 156. Accused
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Песни с этого мини-альбома вместе с еще более свежим материалом составили впоследствии дебютный лонгплей "The Return Of Martha Splatterhead" - злейший хардкоровый альбом с металлическими гитарами, торпедными скоростями и предсмертным вокалом покалеченного птеродактиля. Запись альбома происходила в следующей конфигурации: Блэйн - вокал, Алекс "Маггот Брэйн" Сиббальд - бас, Дана ударные, Том - гитара. Чюи к тому времени был изгнан за дурную привычку баловаться наркотой. Кстати, пагубная страсть довела его до ручки, и в 1996 году он покончил жизнь самоубийством. После записи "Martha's Maddest Story Ever Told" из группы вылетел Дана - из соображений творческой целесообразности, и в результате из оригинального состава остался лишь Том.

  • 157. Accuser
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Звучание действительно изменилось и теперь представляло собой нечто типа прогрессив-трэш. Альбом "The conviction", выпущенный новым составом, имел положительные отзывы по всей Европе, где прошли первые гастроли группы. В 1989-м вышел "Who dominates who?", после которого в нескольких изданиях Томс и Шульц получили звания "Germanys best Thrash-Guitarists" и "Best Metal Guitar-Duo". После очередных гастролей и записи следующего альбома из коллектива ушел Вейел. Его обязанности взял на себя Франк и "Accuser" вновь отправились в студию. Неожиданно для самих музыкантов альбом "Repent" получился настолько тяжелым, насколько они и хотели.

  • 158. Achievements of our country
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    I can be proud and of our Austronautics and, certainly, Constantine Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, the founder of austronautics. He had given an idea about space travel. A popular report on this subject was first published in 1895. Tsiolkovsky's idea of a spaceship was based on the use of liquid fuels. Tsiolkovsky published several works dealing with the mathematical theory of rocket fly. Calculations made by Tsiolkovsky are used in the theory of cosmonautics and practical guided missile flights. Tsiolkovsky is called "Father of Cosmonautics" due to his contribution to the theory and practice of space flights.

  • 159. Acoustic Emission
    Доклад пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Sources of an acoustic emission are divided into internal and external. First ones are sources located on objects surface. For example, acoustic emission caused by friction, blow, turbulent fluid and gas streams. Processes of local dynamic redistribution of tension fields in material apply to internal sources of acoustic emission. For example, acts of plastic deformation, micro- and macro destruction and phase transformation. Analyzing the cut zone from these positions can make a conclusion about existence in this zone whole number of acoustic emission sources of different power and spectral density. Acoustic emission parameters depend on a way plastic deformation, destruction and friction processes go. It is possible to carry out acoustic emission diagnostic. Beside, frequency range of registration of acoustic emission parameters usually estimates in tens, hundreds and thousands kilohertz and is well protected from noises, which accompany work of technological equipment units.

  • 160. Adam Smith
    Информация пополнение в коллекции 09.12.2008

    It should be noted that each of these stages is accompanied by institutions suited to its needs. For example, in the age of the huntsman, “there is scar any established magistrate or any regular administration of justice. “ With the advent of flocks there emerges a more complex form of social organization, comprising not only “formidable” armies but the central institution of private property with its indispensable buttress of law and order as well. It is the very essence of Smiths thought that he recognized this institution, whose social usefulness he never doubted, as an instrument for the protection of privilege, rather than one to be justified in terms of natural law: “Civil government,” he wrote, “so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defence of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all.” Finally, Smith describes the evolution through feudalism into a stage of society requiring new institutions such as market-determined rather than guild-determined wages and free rather than government-constrained enterprise. This later became known as laissez-faire capitalism; Smith called it the system of perfect liberty.