• 101. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    There is one day a year when all Americans stay home with their families and eat a big dinner. This is Thanksgiving Day. The pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day in the fall of 1621. The pilgrims sailed to America on board the "Mayflower" ship for religious freedom. They were among the first European settlers in America.
    There were people living in America before the pilgrims arrived. These people were the Native American Indians.
    The pilgrims first winter in the New World was very difficult. They had arrived too late to grow many crops. Without fresh food half of the pilgrims died. The following spring the Indians taught the pilgrims how to hunt, fish, plant and survive in America. The crops did well and in the fall of 1621 pilgrims had a great harvest. They were thankful and decided to celebrate with a Thanksgiving feast. They prepared a dinner of turkey, corn, beans and pumpkins. They invited their Indian friends to share this feast. The Indians brought food for the feast too (they even brought popcorn! ). Americans still celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the fall. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Turkey is still the main dish and pumpkin pie is the most popular dessert.

  • 102. 20-th century music styles
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    In 1969 at Woodstock, near New York a great rock festival attracted nearly half a million young people. Most of them were hippies, who shocked the world with their beards, long hair, old jeans and their calls for peace and love. They came to listen to such new stars as Jimmy Hendrix and Joe Cocker. They sang about the war in Vietnam and about violence in the world. The music performed at Woodstock had a tremendous influence on the development of the culture of the youth. The young people rose in protest against the mercantile society. The ideals of the hippies are still living in many hearts. In the middle of the 1990s the Woodstock festivals were revived. But today Woodstock is no longer a great party it used to be in 1969. Young people who come to Woodstock today simply want to see the violent youth of their parents.

  • 103. 21 st Century Terrorism
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    That terrorists today do not feel as driven to take credit for their acts may be related to their belief that their message, whatever it may be, is still reaching its intended audience. As the renowned terrorism expert Walter Laqueur has observed, "If terrorism is propaganda by the deed, the success of a terrorist campaign depends decisively on the amount of publicity it receives." In this respect, terrorists are still getting all the publicity they crave, but they are manipulating and exploiting it in different ways. By maintaining their anonymity, terrorists may believe they are better able to capitalize on fear and alarm. Attacks perpetrated by enigmatic, unseen and unknown assailants may thus be deliberately designed to foment greater insecurity and panic in the target audience. In this way, the terrorists ability to portray themselves as being able to strike whenever and wherever they please, while highlighting the government's inability to protect potential targets, is appreciably heightened. The terrorists appear stronger, the government weak and powerless to stop the mayhem.

  • 104. 3 биографии выдающихся людей на иностранном языке /english/
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Their three grandchildren became scientists. Howard was a talented entomologist, William and Joan were both physicists. The latter was almost the only woman-physicist who took part in the work at the atomic project of the USA. Their second daughter Margaret is known as the mother of the outstanding English mathematician Jeffrey Tailor who is a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Their third daughter Alicia was a specialist in the field of multidimensional space. The fourth daughter Lucy was the first woman-professor who was the head of a chemistry department. But the youngest daughter Ethel Lilian is the most famous. She married the Polish scientist and revolutionist Voynich. Her wonderful book 'The Gadfly" is translated into many languages and is popular in many countries of the world.

  • 105. 3 сочинения на новогоднюю тему /english/
    Сочинение пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009


    1. What holidays do you and your family celebrate?
    2. What holiday is your favourite one?
    3. Do you celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter?
    4. Do you know anything of the old traditions to celebrate these holidays?
    5. When do people celebrate Christmas?
    6. When do Russian people celebrate Christmas?
    7. What do you know about the New Year's Day in England?
    8. How is the Christmas tree decorated? Is it a holy symbol? -
    9. What country sends a huge Christmas tree to England to stand in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London?
    10. What is the greatest Christian festival of the year?
    11. What do people joyously observe either in March or April?
    12. What do you know about other holidays: the Victory Day, Women's Day, etc. What is your personal attitude to them?
    13. Are there any veterans of the Great Patriotic war among your relatives?
    14. Why is the Victory Day so significant in 1995?
    15. What presents do you give your mother, grandmother your sister on the 8th of March?
    16. Do you like to receive presents?
    17. What do you like more: to give presents or to receive them?
    18. Do you celebrate your birthday? Do you like to do it?
    19. Do you invite your friends for your birthday party?
    20. What other holidays are celebrated in Britain and the USA?
  • 106. 3 сочинения по иностранному языку english
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    I was born on the 22nd of March. Birthday is a very remarkable day for me. It is spring and the weather is fine.
    In the morning my parents come to my room to wake me singing "Happy Birthday, dear Andy". They give me the presents. I like to get them very much.
    Most people hold their birthday party on their birthdays. Usually, we hold my birthday party on Sunday next to the 22nd of March. Once or twice we went for a picnic on that day, but usually we celebrate it at home. We invite my friends and relatives to the party. I get up early in the morning on that day. My father and I go shopping to the district marketplace and supermarkets. We buy everything we need for the party. My mother stays at home to clean the flat and bake a pie and cakes. Then we lay the table together, put on evening suits and wait for the guests. At about four o'clock my relatives and friends come to congratulate me and I am glad to see them. They bring a bunch of roses for my mother and books, sweets and records for me. I thank my friends for coming and the presents. My aunts usually buy some clothes for me as a birthday present. We have an abundant dinner on this day. Mother brings the birthday cake and I blow the candles out. We dance and sing songs, make jokes and play games. When everybody is tired, we just lie on the floor and tell stories or just listen to the music in my room. I enjoy my birthday party and my friends like this day too.

  • 107. 3 Топика по иностранному языку english
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    English educational system is quite different from what we have in Russia. It is class-divided. There some state schools and some private ones.
    State schools are infant, junior or secondary. British boys and girls begin to go to school at the age of 5. They draw pictures, sing songs, listen to the stories and tales. British children begin to read and write when they enter the infant schools.
    Young children are divided into two groups, according to their mental abilities. Children leave infant schools when they are 7. Then they go to study at junior schools where they learn to write, read and do mathematics. Their school subjects are History, English, Geography, Arithmetics, Arts, Music, Swimming and some others. When the pupils enter the junior schools they pass abilities test. According to the results of the test and thus their intellectual potential they are divided into three groups. Boys and girls spend four years studying at junior schools. Then they pass examinations again and enter the secondary schools. There different types of secondary schools in Britain. They are: grammar schools, modern schools and comprehensive schools. English boys and girls attend secondary schools from 11 till 16. They don't go to schools on Saturdays and Sundays. In the modern schools pupils do not learn foreign languages. In grammar schools pupils receive better theoretical education. And the other school type is comprehensive schools. Almot all secondary pupils ( around 90 per cent ) go there.
    There are also private schools in England. Boys and girls do not study together there. It is common that aristocracy sons go to these schools and parents pay a lot of money for their education. These schools are called public.
    Independent and preparatory schools are private ones too. They prepare children for public schools and take money for the training. The teachers of the private schools can pay more attention to each of the pupils personally. It is possible to enter the best English universities after leaving public schools. After finishing grammar schools pupils have good knowledge and may continue studying in colleges and universities. English pupils wear school uniform. It is one of the oldest country's traditions. A boy's uniform includes a school cap, a tie and a blazer. A girl's uniform consists of a hat, a coat, a skirt and a blouse. The uniforms vary from school to school. Usually, they are dark.

  • 108. 4 топика по иностранному языку /english/
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  • 109. 4 Топика по иностранному языку english
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    The situation in agricultural system in Russia is not simple enough now. There are no state supported collective and state farms any more as it was during the Soviet period. Now there are agricultural joint-stock companies and individual farming. Russian agriculture is undergone the process of economical changes. It is rather difficult to survive in the conditions of deep economic crisis, especially for individual farmers. But we hope that country-men will overcome all the difficulties of our times and our agriculture will make steady advances, that will naturally mean better living standards for the Russian people.

  • 110. 40 мужских ошибок в постели
    Информация пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Как было уже замечено, женщины придают огромное значение словам. Ты можешь потеть как шахтёр в забое, стараясь доставить ей удовольствие, и не догадываться о том, что весь твой энтузиазм она относит исключительно на счёт твоей эгоистичности и африканского темперамента. Простая фраза:" Я хочу, чтобы тебе было хорошо со мной" может возыметь больший эффект, нежели демонстрация высокотехничного секса.

  • 111. 40 приемов удовлетворить женщину
    Вопросы пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    И это неудивительно, так как именно это положение природа избрала для полового акта практически всех живых существ. Классическая поза "мужчина сверху" - неудобная для зачатия и весьма ограничивающая партнеров в ощущениях - получила такое распространение только после нескольких столетии, в течение которых за практикование любой другой позиции супруги могли быть публично казнены "за разврат".

  • 112. 5 топиков по иностранному языку /english/
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Within the Kremlin walls is one of the most striking and beautiful architectural ensembles in the world: a combination of churches and palaces, which are open to the public and are among the city's most popular tourist attractions, and the highest offices of the state, which are surrounded by strict security. Around the central Cathedral Square (Sobornaya Ploshchad) are grouped three magnificent cathedrals, superb examples of Russian church architecture at its height in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. These and the other churches in the Kremlin ceased functioning as places of worship after the Revolution and are now museums. The white stone Cathedral of the Assumption (Uspensky Sobor) is the oldest, built in 1475-79 in the Italianate-Byzantine style. Its pure, simple, and beautifully proportioned lines and elegant arches are crowned by five golden domes. The Orthodox metropolitans and patriarchs of the 14th to the 18th century are buried there. Across the square is the Cathedral of the Annunciation (Blagoveshchensky Sobor), built in 1484-89 by craftsmen from Pskov; though burned in 1547, it was rebuilt in 1562-64. Its cluster of chapels is topped by golden roofs and domes. Inside are a number of early 15th-century icons attributed to Theophanes the Greek and to Andrey Rublyov, considered by many to be the greatest of all Russian icon painters. The third cathedral, the Archangel (Arkhangelsky), was rebuilt in 1505-08; in it are buried the princes of Moscow and tsars of Russia (except Boris Godunov) up to the founding of St. Petersburg.

  • 113. 5 шагов для эффективной работы Совета Директоров
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    На практике нередко возникают ситуации, при которых совет директоров не может провести свои заседания и принять решения по экономически значимым для общества вопросам, в связи с тем, что некоторые члены совета директоров не были уведомлены о месте и времени проведения заседания, либо им не была предоставлена необходимая для принятия тех или иных решений информация. Это происходит потому, что у председателя совета директоров не всегда есть время на розыск и уведомление всех членов совета директоров о времени и месте проведения заседания, ведь некоторые члены совета директоров в силу своей деятельности в иных организациях могут отсутствовать по месту своего постоянного пребывания.

  • 114. 50 приемов, чтобы удовлетворить мужчину
    Вопросы пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    1. Прося его заняться оральным сексом на пляже (достаточно лишь оттянуть на одну сторону плавки купального костюма и сделать вид, что смазываешь его спину лосьоном от загара).
    2. Занимаясь с ним массажем с использованием массажного масла, который плавно переходит в медленное, нежное массирование его члена.
    3. Надевая в постель чулки и поясок.
    4. Надевая в постель туфли на высоких каблуках.
    5. Чаще расспрашивая его о работе, всегда с большим интересом слушая его.
    6. Вводя палец в его анальное отверстие во время полового акта.
    7. Чаще говоря ему, что он самый восхитительный любовник на свете.
    8. Занимаясь с ним оральным сексом и проглатывая его семя.
    9. Направляя его член на свою грудь по окончании орального полового акта.
    10. Нося эротическое нижнее белье.
    11. Вообще не нося нижнего белья и не скрывая этого (от него, конечно).
    12. Предлагая ему заняться любовью в любое время, за исключением того, когда ложатся в постель.
    13. Вовлекая его в анальный секс.
    14. Царапая и пощипывая его спину во время полового акта, за исключением щекотливого положения, когда дома его ожидает супруга, которой сложно будет объяснить эти следы "бандитских пуль".
    15. Надевая облегающее эластичное белье.
    16. Мастурбируя в его присутствии.
    17. Занимаясь с ним любовью в душе, ванной или в бассейне, бане, сауне.
    18. Лаская его пенис носками ног.
    19. Читая вместе с ним порножурнал, пытаясь воспроизвести прочитанное.
    20. Вводя себе в анальное отверстие вибратор во время полового акта.
    21. Вводя вибратор во влагалище, в то время когда он совершает анальный половой акт.
    22. Встречая его перед входной дверью совершенно обнаженной.
    23. Стараясь одеваться привлекательно для него и чтобы произвести впечатление на его друзей и коллег.
    24. Брея волосы на ногах, делая маникюр и педикюр, применяя косметику, стараясь всегда выглядеть ухоженно.
    25. Стараясь быть остроумной, ненавязчивой и все понимающей женщиной.
    26. Медленно раздевая его, до того как он начнет раздевать вас.
    27. Стараясь "случайно" показываться ему в интимных и провоцирующих ситуациях (в зеркале ванной комнаты, через приоткрытую дверь, во время сна и т. д.).
    28. Придумывая собственные сексуальные аксессуары (ленты, пояски вместо нижнего белья, облегающие шорты с разрезом в паху и т. д.).
    29. Выбривая промежность.
    30. Снимая себя обнаженной на видеокассеты, пока мужчина находится на работе, и показывая их ему, когда он возвращается домой.
    31. Снимая на пленку половой акт и просматривая вместе во время любовной прелюдии.
    32. Грубо разговаривая с ним во время полового акта.
    33. Рассказывая ему о своих наиболее волнующих сексуальных фантазиях со всеми пикантными подробностями.
    34. Расспрашивая его о наиболее ярких фантазиях и украшая их своими собственными идеями.
    35. Массируя член через карманы его брюк на вечеринках, на бегах или в других разнообразных и неожиданных местах.
    36. Говоря, что ему следует сделать, чтобы выглядеть более привлекательно.
    37. Показывая ему, что больше всего возбуждает женщину.
    38. Точно показывая, как необходимо ласкать клитор.
    39. Массируя его пенис своими волосами.
    40. Подстроив так, чтобы он смотрел на нее во время мочеиспускания.
    41. Прося его мастурбировать ее во время мочеиспускания.
    42. Массируя его член, будучи одетой, а затем направить член так, чтобы сперма попадала в оттянутые трусики; проходить так весь день.
    43. Изучая по возможности наибольшее количество информации о сексе и сексуальных желаниях и постоянно вводя приобретенные знания в практику.
    44. Всегда обращаясь со своим мужчиной как с самым лучшим любовником на свете.
  • 115. 6 вопросов по иностранному языку для 11 класса english
    Сочинение пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    I was about fifteen or may be sixteen. One day I was depressed and very absent-minded. I was walking round my house and, unexpectedly strike against one old man. I excused and was going to continue my way, but the old man stopped me and saying that I wouldnt have success in life and die early, because it is my destiny, its prescribed for me by stars. He also told me many other unpleasant things about my current and future life constantly insisting that Id die very soon and that I wasnt able to change anything… I was staying silently hearing these words and getting more and more angry and finally I replied in the following way: “Well, everything is changing. Things are getting older, so do people, and I'm not an exception, of course. Each day I become one day older, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year, and who knows how many years in life… That's the Rule we cannot override and the Law we can't break. Like it or not, but each man has to obey it. So do I, and therefore I don't think about getting older at all. I just live my usual life without being troubled about it. That doesn't mean that I believe in "predestiny" theories, saying that whatever's going to happen will happen anyway. Instead I believe in DESTINY - that's the one I am in charge of. Luck is like a blind chance, destiny… that you build. May be that sounds quite strange, but that has been and is my life position for many years and I don't plan to change it”.

  • 116. 6 топиков по иностранному языку /english/
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009
  • 117. 7 топиков по иностранному языку /english/
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    There are some holidays in G.B. They are Christmas day, Boxing Day, new years day, Easter, mayday, spring bank holiday and simmer bank holiday. Public holidays in G.B. are called bank holidays because the banks as wall as most of the offices and shops are closed. The most popular holiday is Xmas. Every year the people of Norway give the city of London the present. It is a big Xmas tree and it stands in Trufalger square. Central streets are beautifully decorated. Before Xmas groups of singers go from house to house. They collect money for charity and sing carols traditional Xmas songs. Many churches hold a carol serves on the Sunday before Xmas. The fun starts the night before, on the 24 of December. This is the day when people decorate their trees. Children hang stocking at the end of their beds, hoping that Santa Claus will come at night and full them with toys and sweets. Xmas is a family holiday. Relatives prepare for the big Xmas dinner of turkey and Xmas pudding and every one gives and gets presents. The 26 of December, Boxing Day are an extra holiday after Xmas. This is the time to meet friends or sit at home and watch TV. New years day is less popular in Britain then Xmas. Besides public holidays there are some special holidays in Britain. One of them takes place on the 5 of November. On that day in 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliament and kill a King James the first. But he didnt succeeded. The Kings man found the bomb and took Guy Fawkes to the tower. Sins what day the British celebrate the 5 of November.

  • 118. 9 сочинений для 9 класса /english/
    Сочинение пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    The most popular entertainment in our home life is television. We have a choice between five channels ORT, RTR and 3 commercial channels. There is also a cable TV station in our town. Television plays an important role in our life. It informs people about current events both national and international, the latest achievements in science and culture, and offers some programs, which are both interesting and stimulating. Every day we can see different tips of programs on TV. News is broadcast at regular intervals. They also present operas, ballets, music concerts and various shows. Broadcast for schools are produced on five days of the week, during school hours. In the late afternoon and early evening TV channels showed special programs for children. In the evenings and at weekends there are broadcasts of sports events. A large time of TV evenings time is occupied by films and serials, but as for me I like quizzes. A quizzesprogram is a question and an answer competition which offers money and other prizes and to the winners. Such programs as “Wonders field”, “Brain ring”, What, Where, When”, “Guess the melody” are me favorite ones, because they are both informative and interesting. But best of all I like the programs of “Travels club”, because it gives me a chance to travel of other the world with out living home. Far away countries and their customs and traditional are come into my living room.

  • 119. 9-ый международный транспортный коридор
    Информация пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009


    1. Государственный доклад “О состоянии окружающей природной среды Российской Федерации в 1996 году”. М.: Центр международных проектов, 1997. 510с.
    2. Государственный доклад “О состоянии окружающей природной среды Российской Федерации в 1995 году”. // Зеленый мир, № 24 - 29.
    3. Временная типовая методика определения экономической эффективности осуществления природоохранных мероприятий и оценки экономического ущерба, причиняемого народному хозяйству загрязнением окружающей среды. / А.С. Быстров, В.В.Варанкин, М.А. Виленский и др. М.: Экономика, 1986. 96 с.
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    7. Международная конвенция о железнодорожных перевозках грузов (МГТС), подписанная в Берне 7 февраля 1970г.;
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  • 120. A bridge to understanding
    Статья пополнение в коллекции 12.01.2009

    Americans are sometimes referred tо as being culturally isolated, but, like many blanket statements, this simply is not accurate. The United States is made up of citizens from countless nations, many of whom continue tо speak their native language in the home and with friends. There are even communities of native speakers, so you might find а large cluster of Koreans in Los Angeles and an equally dense population of Cambodians in Lowell, Massachusetts. Americans are, in fact, а polyglot nation. American so-called English language is also interwoven with non-English words. Dungarees is an Indian word; kindergarten is а German word. A great number of French words is also used: croissant, esprit de corps, mattre d'hotel, hors d oeuvres, chateaubriand. However, it is true that Americans do not have а good reputation for learning foreign languages. This is largely due to the countrys physical isolation. Europian and Asian countries, which are in close proximity tо other countries, are multi-linguistic. Add tо that the growing dominance of English in international business, and some Americans can justifiably feel less urgency about learning а foreign language. No matter where an American goes, he thinks that somebody who can speak some English will always be right around the corner.